The charge APL*ITUNES.COM/BILL was first reported Sep 25, 2014.
APL*ITUNES.COM/BILL charge has been reported as unauthorized by 67 users, 29 users recognized the charge as safe.

Help other potential victims by sharing any available information about APL*ITUNES.COM/BILL.


  • Joel Jackson
  • Nov 13, 2017
866-712-7753 CA

  • Nov 6, 2017
I have several transactions such as this one on my bank statement!! I am a single mother of 5!!!! I DID NOT AUTHORIZE THESE TRANSACTIONS!

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  • Tenette
  • Oct 22, 2017
Starting in August I'v been getting unknown iTunes charges everytime I'd do a charge of any kind. I'v been trying to get to the bottom of it, thank goodness i came across is site. Since August my checking account has been hit for $213.13 of invalid charges. Today I made a charge of 24.99 to game site. I checked and sure enough 32.09 was charged to my account from iTunes . How & why do you think this is okay to do. I would greatly appreciate my money back to the same account you basically stoled from. If I don't receive any response soon I will be turning this over to fraud protection, and let them handle it.

  • Oct 4, 2017
I have unrecognized charges by itunes. Please take these charges off.

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  • Catherine Proffitt
  • Nov 29, 2017
I want APL ITUNES storage charges purchase removed immediately from my CHASE SLATE card acct. .99 mo. thankyou Catherine Proffitt

  • alberta dane
  • Sep 2, 2017

$127.19 charge on 5/08 I would like to know what this was for thank you

  • Jun 20, 2017
I have an "unauthorized" charge against my bank account in the amount of $31.78 charged to my account on June 16, 2017 and still pending as of June 19, 2017. There are 3 things you need to get straight: #1 I don't have an ITunes account; #2 I don't purchase music/videos on line and #3 get the money back into my account NOW!! Tomorrow I will be contacting the bank AND the BBB regarding ITunes and the unethical way you go about obtaining money from people.

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  • Gizi
  • Mar 16, 2019
How do you contact them i need to cancel also a charge I called that number 866-712-7753 is a message nothing else said to come to this site so all we are doing here is complaining but how we get our money back what number i have to call

  • Jun 20, 2017
There has been an "unauthorized" transaction taken on my bank account in the amount of $31.78. For one thing - I don't have an ITunes account, second thing I don't purchase any type of music/videos on line, third thing it is strongly suggested that you get my bank account fixed NOW!! This transaction hit my account on June 16, 2017 however is still showing as pending on June 18, 2017. I will be contacting the bank tomorrow and BBB tomorrow as well.

  • May 5, 2017
866-712.7753 #24692163P0016PJV $19.89

  • Jain Savage
  • Apr 22, 2017
For several months I have been charged $5.35 and another charge of $10.70 from iTunes on my credit card. I do not use iTunes so I want to know what these charges are for. When I purchase any extra hints etc. for games i am charged on my AT&T bill so these charges are fraudulent.

I have many charges in my bank account THAT I DID NOT authorize please call me at 248-802-1902 I need to have those charges reinverse a soon a possible.It is around $178.00.

  • Michelle Heitman
  • Jan 31, 2017

  • Michelle Heitman
  • Jan 31, 2017

  • cleo k scott
  • Jan 24, 2017
I have a .99 cent charge from this apple itune for 3 months on my visa and did not authorize this !!!!


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  • LOong Phan
  • Dec 2, 2016
I need cancel order apply on 13:51 2016-12-02 . And return $11.81 to my visa Not authorization in future.Please

  • susan lopez
  • Nov 1, 2016
charges are not mine

  • susan lopez
  • Nov 1, 2016
charges are not mine

  • John Kwintera
  • Oct 27, 2016
I'm writing this email cause I just seen a transaction pending in my checking account for the amount of -$1.38. There was an unauthorized payment pending in my checking account. Routing # 271291826 and the checking account # is 503125924. If this happens again I will file a fraud report as soon as possible.

  • mariah shannon
  • Oct 26, 2016
getting charged multiple times in one month!

  • adriana mendoza
  • Sep 30, 2016
as of 9/29/16 I have a total of 7 charges to my debit card!!UNAUTHORIZED!!!! stop...I will make a fraud report ASAP!!

  • Eloise Huntsman
  • Sep 28, 2016
play call me at (907)2812204 I have bill that I keep paying for what is going on I thought it was free

  • loretta e propps
  • Sep 2, 2016

charges on 7/19, 8/04, 8/09, 8/16

200PKO95 MMXZQXQ2QV-0 For .99 cents on my Discover. What is this for please?

  • Carolyn Easter
  • Aug 19, 2016
please cancel trans 5543286K300KHH853

  • Carolyn Easter
  • Aug 19, 2016
please cancel trans number 5543286K300KHH853.i do not recall items orders.

  • M. Pegg
  • Aug 15, 2016
You charge my account for 19.98 on 8/5 I have not purchased anything from you. want my money back number attached to transaction 246921662180005054858888

  • Dre_1978
  • Aug 13, 2016
I{ keep getting this charge on my account each month of $12.97. I have logged into my ITunes account but can't find where I signed up for anything or how to cancel the charge. When I call the 866-712-7753 the recording states I will have to long into my ITunes account to cancel. I follow the instructions given but I can't locate in my account. I am not sure how to stop this charge. I also have other recurring charges and I can't stop them from being charged on my bank account each month.

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  • Leonard W Smith
  • Aug 3, 2016
Stop taking out for apple itune 2.99 Thank You

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  • Sandra L. Beck
  • Aug 1, 2016
Overcharged 6/26,7/02,7/07 @[email protected] Charge should be [email protected] Please credit me $9.51 and overcharged on 7/12 @ $2.10. Charge should be $1.05. Total overcharge is $10.56. Please credit my Chase Visa. I will no longer use your service since you are incompetent.

  • Pamerla Glanz
  • Jul 26, 2016
iTunes charge of 59.00 on 6/17 and 19.99 charge on 5/2

  • Laura Agresti
  • Jul 22, 2016
Reference F182100H000CHGDDA a re-occuring charge of $9.99 per month is for what?

  • kemplepat
  • Jul 19, 2016

  • Tommy Prejean
  • Jul 12, 2016
Three charges on the 7/11/16.

  • William morris
  • Jul 9, 2016
Same as above

  • William morris
  • Jul 9, 2016
Same as above

  • William morris
  • Jul 9, 2016
Same as above

there are $44.53 worth of unrecognized charges on my cc bill. Please credit them back to me asap. 6/2 15.98 6/6 9.59 6/13 6.38 6/15 13.83 Thank you for your attention to this matter as quickly as you can.

I have a total of 54.28 charges on my credit card for the month of May and part ofJune. I didn't make all these charges. Please remove the charges that follow: 13.83, 6.38, 9.59, 15.98. These charges were not made by me. Thank you for your prompt attention to these charges.

  • Michelle750
  • Jun 28, 2016
I have 54.28 charged to my credit card for the month of May and part of June. I know that I may have about 10.00 that I charged. But the other 44.00 were not charged by me. Please credit my card for these charges asap. thank you for your attention in this matter

  • Roth
  • Jun 25, 2016
Charged $10.73 no idea and no I did not order anything from Itunes

  • Dena Baron
  • Jun 10, 2016
$4.99 charge on 05/26/16 I never made or authorized. What is it for?

  • Raul
  • Jun 5, 2016
bill itunes

  • Jack Jerman
  • May 31, 2016
I have a charge billed 5/!9?16 for $99.99 and my wife and I have no idea what it is. We did purchase a song for 1.29 and a game for 9.99, but the other charge we do not think is ours. Please check and let us know. I tried to call but was directed to this sight.

  • Edna Westerbeck
  • May 25, 2016
APL*ITUNES.COM/BILL 4/19 FOR $3.98 AND 4/20 FOR $23.98

  • Edna Westerbeck
  • May 25, 2016
4/19 for $3.98 and 4/20 for 23.98

  • Sue Krupke
  • May 13, 2016
We do not recognize this charge

  • cellyboom
  • May 11, 2016
Please explain the monthly charge of .99 cents. Thank you.

  • michele blum
  • May 11, 2016
.99 monthly charge on bill. I don't know what it's for! Please inform me. Thank you.


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