The charge WIRE TRANS SVC CHARGE was first reported Jun 7, 2015.
WIRE TRANS SVC CHARGE charge has been reported as unauthorized by 63 users, 14 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Cory Morrel/Cory Morr
  • Jun 7, 2015
Hi someone breached my bank account, and already notified the credit bureaus and to protect my identity. SouthWest Florida Reported 4.2 million innocent people and citizens were victims of Identity Theft. I'm filing a claim purported for the amount of $15.00 was deliberately omitted and removed from my bank account. Now I have to get LifeLock and contact the banks, get on protection and immediately report fraud. The Obama Administration is stealing people money with CZARS working in the credit unions, the banks, and the NSA recording people's financial information which is illegal and stealing innocent people's money... I'm filing a report in good faith and money was stolen from people... on the 4th of June 2 days ago... WIRE TRANS SVC CHARGE - SEQUENCE: 150604058405 SRF# D1051550103801 TRN#150604058405 RFB# This transition is unauthorized and I didn't require a money transaction. Email me or call me at (239)537-3140... phone is broken, but the facilitated method of convenient connection is email... thank you... I will get a new phone.. investigation in mandatory... we're being target by fraud in Washington. Thank you. Blessings.

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