The charge VTSUP.COM*HAAS & REE AMSTERDAM NLD was first reported Dec 17, 2021.
VTSUP.COM*HAAS & REE AMSTERDAM NLD charge has been reported as unauthorized by 52 users, 16 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • David Levine
  • Dec 2, 2022
I was just online shortly with just answer.com my sister's name was Pearl Wilson and they wanted me to pay a dollar to get response back and before I could tell them that I'm already in existing member they were gone they did the exact same thing to me last time when I tried to get this problem resolved. I have been a member now the last 3 months under the email of [email protected] I pay pretty good amount of money I still but I'm very dissatisfied I've been trying to get results now since I've joined with no success I get back nonsense or bogus results you can get back attorneys that are telling me they are subcontractors and they only get paid by tips or whatever I feel they deserve I never heard such a thing nor was I aware of it especially when I pay monthly at a pretty good amount that's definitely not worth it especially when I learned just today after after the assistant Pearl Wilson sent me on to the credit card payment site again abruptly without me any chance you can tell them that I'm already paying dissatisfied member. So I would like to try and get a couple things resolved all of my reasons for being dissatisfied including the last two times I tried to get some help on this charges on my credit card statement that are bogus thank you David Levine email [email protected]

  • David Levine
  • Dec 2, 2022
Some errors in my complaint consists of the credit card app for justanswer.com is asking to have filled out says that I can join for $50 a month as a member of all services which which kind of blows my mind when I'm paying pretty much more than that now I'm not happy with my results before I heard that price today of $50 a month to be a member not happy also it's supposed to read assistant on justanswer.com her name was Pearl Wilson thank you once again I hope everything I'm putting in my complaint is being submitted

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