Unrecognized charge by isocialsm* isocialsma

The charge Unrecognized charge by isocialsm* isocialsma was first reported Aug 6, 2022.
Unrecognized charge by isocialsm* isocialsma charge has been reported as unauthorized by 52 users, 19 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Ed
  • Aug 6, 2022
I have not heard about this merchant before nor I did business with them. All of a sudden last year, I was charged for 59.95 for an unknown item which until now I have no knowledge about. I searched their email in the web and emailed them but the email was undeliverable to that email address and telephone number given by my credit company has no connection with the merchant. Until now, I am still disputing the amount.

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Level of Distrust

52 Unauthorized
19 Authorized

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