unauthorized charges by Dropbox

The charge unauthorized charges by Dropbox was first reported Aug 9, 2015.
unauthorized charges by Dropbox charge has been reported as unauthorized by 70 users, 22 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Chan
  • Aug 9, 2015
Beware if you use Dropbox, the online storage service. I signed up for its free Dropbox Basic (2GB) many years ago but rarely use it. So far, I have used just 2.7% of the free 2GB. I just found out they have been charging me $9.99/mo since May to upgrade my plan to Dropbox Pro (1000GB) without my permission. The free 2GB is already more enough for me. I don't know how they got my credit card number. Watch your credit card bill if you use Dropbox.

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70 Unauthorized
22 Authorized

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