TWITCH 650-253-0000

The charge TWITCH 650-253-0000 was first reported Jun 10, 2022.
TWITCH 650-253-0000 charge has been reported as unauthorized by 85 users, 13 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Raypca
  • Jun 10, 2022
I recall having ticked the Unsubscribe button or such option after listening to replay of Laura Lynn Thompson interview several months ago and wondering if that was sufficient. Upon noticing charge on my CC statement every month I decided to put a stop-payment on it thru contact with my CC. Now I notice another charge on 5/29 with the numbers as noted above. I firstly presumed that was a phone number but tried other means of cancelling subscription and was led in circles and ended up here, explaining my story. And here again, am repeatedly told "incorrect security code" as if you don't want to hear about this.

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Level of Distrust

85 Unauthorized
13 Authorized

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