The charge STOLLEN was first reported Mar 11, 2016.
STOLLEN charge has been reported as unauthorized by 77 users, 15 users recognized the charge as safe.

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4.99 FOR SCATTER SLOTTS.I was also doubled and tripled on several apps that was free on facebook. I NEVR bought any apps.the apps I have was free on facebook.I REVEIWED my account and I was charged 10.00 on nov.18 2014 /nov15 2014 $10.00 twice that day/dec. 5 2014 10.00/dec.22 2014 10.00 all for Price is right app. CANDY CRASH april 9 2015 4.99/april 4 2015 4.99.Ceasar SLOTS-june 15 2015 3.00/june 16 2015 6.00/june 12 1.00.WHY WOULD I BE CHARGED OVER AND OVER FOR APPS THAT WERE SUPPOSE TO BE FREE.THEN I WAS CHARGED SEVERAL TIMES.THE ONLY REASON I FOUND THIS WAS BECAUSE OF THE CHARGE FOR SCATTER SLOTS.I DID NOT PURCHASE ANY APPS.THESE APPS FOR GAMES WERE ON FACEBOOK TO GET FOR FREE.PLEASE FOLLOW UP WITH ME AND THIS IS THE SECOND TIME I HAVE HAD PROBLEMS WITH MY ACCOUNT.I WILL NOT BE PLAYING ANY GAMES.SO PLEASE TAKE MY ACCOUNT OUT.VERY DISSAPOINTED IN YOUR COMPANY.I WOUNERED WHY MY BANK WAS CALLING ME OVER THE LAST COUPLE OF YEARS.

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77 Unauthorized
15 Authorized

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