The charge SEARS.COM 9300 was first reported Sep 6, 2013.
SEARS.COM 9300 charge has been reported as unauthorized by 65 users, 19 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Magen Equ
  • Jun 18, 2013
Sears.com 9300 is a credit card scam. Report it to your credit company ASAP

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  • Taura
  • Jan 23, 2023
795.00 charge for a dishwasher I never received and have never been refunded. What is Sears.com 9300 SCAM FRAUD AND MORE. BEWARE

  • Karen Dove
  • May 16, 2019
I received a $980.08 charge on my VISA bank card from SEARS.COM 9300 as well. I immediately contacted my bank who stated I had to wait for the charges to post before they would dispute them and told me I should try to contact Sears. That was a NIGHTMARE. I was on hold for 58 minutes before someone picked up (in another country) and then they transferred me to another person - who after 3 minutes talking to me, she went silent for 5 minutes and then disconnected me... I was on the phone for a total of 1 hour and 11 minutes.. which over an hour was waiting for a person to pick up (after the recording says no more than 5 min hold). I then reached out through the Facebook page and sent them a PM to which they stated that I should receive contact from them within 24-48 hours and I should be confident in their customer service.... ummm not so much. So I still have a pending charge on my account. SEARS was of absolutely NO HELP and they (on the phone) did not care about the issue and brushed me off. I DON'T shop at SEARS or KMART. This was a brand new Business Debit card. I don't know how a brand new business card was opened in Florida with less than 8 purchases (all under $70) does NOT show as a Flagged Potential Fraudulent Purchase when this card was used in Texas for a purchase that is nearly $1,000. Does SEARS not care about theft? DO they not verify shipping and billing addresses match on large purchases? Maybe they don't really care and are trying to just get sales since their stores are all closing down. I mean I get flagged when I buy groceries from the same Winn Dixie store all the time... doesn't make sense to me...

  • Maria
  • Jun 9, 2018
I have no idea why my debit card has a charge of $2.00 from SEARS.COM 9300 5311095037 0609094854 000004277739 21

  • maverick
  • Mar 17, 2017
Haven't used my LL Bean card in months. It is sitting in a drawer in my room at home. Just paid it off yesterday, then checked the account this morning to see the reflected payment. Lo and behold, there is a $73.33 charge for "SEARS.COM 9300" pending authorization before getting added to my bill. Called customer service immediately and reported as fraud. They confirmed I will not be billed for the transaction and are mailing me a new card.

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  • Tea Lee
  • Mar 16, 2017
I ordered a water filter for my refrigerator. It came broken so we tried returning it. They kept giving us the run around. They sent us a new one in it's place but because we were having such a hard time getting our money back on the first one we didn't accept it when UPS delivered it. Of course we had a hard time getting that money back too. We were charged $64.93 for each of them and they said they would only give us $57.93. On their website it states full reimbursement. My husband has spent a crazy amount of hours for several days trying to get our money back. He has had to argue with these people. It's unbelievable! They finally started reimbursing our credit card but not the full cost. They still owe us $11.38. I don't think my husband wants to spend all day on the phone for that amount. We will never order from them again. I suggest no one should.

  • Apr 11, 2016
need a copy of my last online order

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  • ptarran
  • Aug 18, 2015
Two separate $1.00 charges were entered on my MasterCard after I made a legitimate charge online with KMart. I know KMart is an "affiliate" of Sears. The Kmart charge is legit. WHAT aare the 2 seperate $1.00 charges? Despite the small amount I am putting a hold on the charges with my MasterCard.

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  • customer
  • Jun 20, 2014
$1535 fraudulent charge to my American Express card listed as Sears.com 9300. They did not specify what the order was for.

  • Louis
  • Mar 26, 2014
I found today 2 charges from sears com in my bank acount. Sears charged over $500 to my debit card even though I have never shopped with them! When I called the number and went through the menu system, I finally got to someone who didn't speak english well. They asked for the invoice number - But i don't have one because I never purchased anything! They wanted my credit card number - I didn't answer them. I called my bank and eventually it will be refunded to my account, along with all the overdraft charges! Thank you a lot, Sears, for not taking the necessary measures to make sure your customers are using their own card! I am traveling at the moment and have no money to get home because of Sears

  • Jacobs
  • Mar 26, 2014
The most popular amounts charged: * $59.99 *$29.99 *$2.99

  • Jenny
  • Mar 12, 2014
I just found a 218.26 charge from sears.com9300 ! I have not shopped at Sears in years! This is ridiculous!!

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  • Fernando Bat
  • Sep 6, 2013
SEARS.COM 9300 800-676-5543

  • Jovita Ses
  • Sep 6, 2013
SEARS ROEBUCK 7936 800-676-5543 TX

  • Stefany Epp
  • Aug 31, 2013
I have a charge on my debit card for $500.86 and I am a widow who lives on a fixed income and this is my rent money. My bank alerted me but who knows how long it will take to get this money back and I do not understand why they cannot track these people down and arrest them. It is no different than walking into a bank with a gun and robbing. If I had an extra 500 to spend I have things I need to live.

  • Stacie Par
  • Aug 15, 2013
I also have fell victim to this today 8-15-13 charge of 741.99 I am curiouse how they have obtained our info. i order vapor cigarettes from a few vendors, i am wondering if you also use vapor cigarettes

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  • Jadwiga Len
  • Aug 12, 2013
I had charges posted fraudulently to my account on 8-11-13. They have been canceled and my credit card number replaced by Discover Card.

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  • Bibi Alt
  • Jul 14, 2013
they nailed my debit card for almost $500.00 this morning... had a fraud alert go off, but they also ordered from a couple of other sites I cant identify

  • Serina Wal
  • Jul 6, 2013
i just got charged 653.24 on my amex. called up to report it. they're sending a new card and now i gotta change all my saved cc info on every goddamn site. i hope these fuckers die in a fire.

  • Consuelo Mun
  • Jul 2, 2013
This is a Fraudulent Charge. I just had similar charge from "sears.com 9300" post to my mastercard, for $600+ USD, for something I never ordered.

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  • Magen Equ
  • Jun 18, 2013
Sears.com 9300 is a credit card scam. Report it to your credit company ASAP

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  • Odessa Zar
  • Feb 9, 2013
My credit card has been used in your stores an hour ago for an amount of 817,48 USD. It is a fraud operation. My email address is [email protected] visa card number ends by 0002. Can you help me to stop this fraud?

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  • Cyrstal Ing
  • Feb 9, 2013
My credit card has been used in your stores an hour ago. It is a fraud operation

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  • Sallie Leo
  • Sep 11, 2012
general merchandise is listed. thought i bought a chair one and a half months ago but no confirmation e-mail or order status and no chair. only a charge from sears.com 9300ew des moines ia

  • Rey Sta
  • Sep 4, 2012
This is a charge from Sears Parts Direct, also known as 800-4-my-home. It's usually associated with appliance parts.

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