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The charge Record Shop was first reported Aug 23, 2015.
Record Shop charge has been reported as unauthorized by 70 users, 12 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Araymundo2126
  • Nov 1, 2017
Apple itunes

  • Honey0269
  • Aug 23, 2015
On Aug. 5 ($29.98),6 ($8.99),12 ($33.98),13 ($24.99),18 ($45.95),and19 ($33.98) charges were made to my credit card account from your Record Store. I have not allowed anyone to make charges nor have I bought anything on your record shop in the past year. The only purchases I've made were to the App Store and to Gummy Drop for coins. PLEASE GO OVER THESE CHARGES AND GET BACK TO ME REGARDING WHAT'S GOING ON WITH THESE CHARGES. I would like an item-by-item explanation of these charges, otherwise I will dispute these charge to my Credit Card.

  • Honey0269
  • Aug 23, 2015
I have not purchased anything from your record shop during this year. My purchases were made to the App Store and to buy coins for Gummy Drop. No one has access to my account. Please look into this.

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