The charge PSV*DAILY WEALTH TRADE 8882612693 MD was first reported Oct 25, 2014.
PSV*DAILY WEALTH TRADE 8882612693 MD charge has been reported as unauthorized by 74 users, 16 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • scammed
  • Oct 25, 2014
This company charged my father's credit card $50 per month for 16 months. Unfortunately he just kept paying the bill without questioning it. He initially signed up for a Stansberry Newsletter and now I see that this is part of an interconnected group to companies that share the credit card info...when I questioned them as to how he actually authorized these payments they told me he probably clicked [OK] on a popup window which contained authorization in the fine print. PSV*HEALTH REVELATIONS 8002167440 MD PSV*INCOME INTELLIGENC 8882612693 MD PSV*MONEY MAP REPORT 8778064511 MD PSV*RETIREMENT MILLION 8882612693 MD PSV*STANSBERRY INVESTM 8882612693 MD LAISSEZ FAIRE LETTER 8007081020 MD PSV*TRUE WEALTH 8882612693 MD PSV*WALL ST DAILY 8778064508 MD All scams. Its a good sign when you call a company to say you are questioning a charge on your card and their first words are "I'm sorry..." before I said anything about what I was questioning. Disgusted, but unfortunately was only able to get refunds for the current charges which amounted to over $800! Unfortunately they collected way over $2,000 through their various affiliates. Don't let this happen to you.

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