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The charge Oakville Customer was first reported Aug 9, 2022.
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  • Oakville Customer
  • Aug 9, 2022
I just bought a new desktop computer setup from Best Buy Winston Park. The only up sale add on items I agreed to were the 4 year protection plan for the computer at a fixed price. I complained to Geek Squad call center and they told me to come into the store and they'll cancel the fee and return my money. In the store, manager (i.e., Angel) said she doesn't know what Geek Squad is saying and argued that the 30 day cancellation widow has expired. I was angry because I had never asked for or agreed to that service. Angel said she'd call the police on me and made a phone call. Another worker then started to try to follow me around the store and kept getting into my personal space while looking at me strange. Eventually I reached the call center and after all this chaos they said they'd cancel the subscription and waive the cancellation fee. Will they honor their word? They've been lying so much this far; why stop now?

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