The charge NIC RENTBEFOREOWNI was first reported Jul 14, 2013.
NIC RENTBEFOREOWNI charge has been reported as unauthorized by 91 users, 23 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Oct 6, 2018
I want to cancel my account

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  • Herman
  • Nov 29, 2019
I didn’t sign up but somehow they have charged my card and took the last bit of money I had to my name!

  • Jeffrey Laffin
  • Oct 20, 2019
I didn't give you permission to try to take money from my cash app quit trying to take from me

  • Ann Buhr
  • Jul 3, 2019
I was charged $49.80 0n my card I cancelled my membership So you had no authorization to charge my card . I expect a refund and A credit of $49.80 back on my card ASAP ANN BUBR (720) 577-9661

  • Sharon Roach
  • Jun 17, 2019
The charges appeared on my bank statement on 06/17/2019 49.00 which was not what I was supposed to pay. Will be calling my bank.

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  • Victoria Hopkins
  • Apr 20, 2019
I want to cancel this account and stop taking money out of my account Thank you.

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  • Candice Williams
  • Mar 20, 2019
Give me my money back you theives! I want my 49.60 back in my account now

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  • youlanda mcgonagle
  • Jan 29, 2019
NIC*RentBeforeOwning 01/29/2019 $ -49.60 Pending - Purchase of Goods or Services Collapse NIC*RentBeforeOwning 01/29/2019 details NIC*RentBeforeOwning 888-3129150, California 93101 I do not know how you got my info but I do know this if the money is not put back on my card by 5 pm my lawyer will be in contact with the local police and da

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  • marsha sprouse
  • Dec 21, 2018
on 12/22/2018 there a pending charge on my account I'm the amount 49.00 dollars I have seen nothing saying there were going to take this out of my account what can I do to stop this

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  • Oct 6, 2018
I want to cancel my account

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  • Jasmine24
  • Jan 17, 2017
I haven't used this site why are y'all taking money from me

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  • Phillip Bar
We may have used this service for a few days in August, there should have been no charge at all, but it appears they may have been making unauthorized charges for 5 months now. In other words, stealing.

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  • Lilia Fil
I signed up when I was moving in august. I have clearly been inactive for several months and had forgotten about my account.

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