Martha a Clark

The charge Martha a Clark was first reported Oct 28, 2015.
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  • Clark Martha
  • Oct 28, 2015
I've called y'all many many times y'all say I have a hacker taking my money out of my checking account . Your Custmer Service has not even helped me at all . Last month your company took $160.37 y'all did refund $156.02 back into my checking account and I thank you for that .But when I received my bank statement for this month I was very much surprised that another $194.49'was gone out of my account this month and I've called and called for only one thing is for y'all to please put my money back into my checking account but I've gotten no where !!!! Your Custmer service is very poor none of them seems to be able to help me plus they can't even speck very much English , even there bosses can't even speck good English eighter . And also y'all have so much loud back ground noise no wounder they can't understand . That is not a good way to work with the public with so much back ground noise !!!!!! So in closing I'm not happy with your Custmer service people . I would very much like for y'all to,please put my $194.49'dollars back into my account it would the least you could do . Thanks sign Martha A Clark

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