LOWES #00907* - 866-483-7521 NC

The charge LOWES #00907* - 866-483-7521 NC was first reported Jan 9, 2014.
LOWES #00907* - 866-483-7521 NC charge has been reported as unauthorized by 84 users, 25 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Kari
  • Jan 7, 2016
Lowes #00907 charged me 210.94 Shows phone 1-866-483-7521 NC

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  • Richard
  • Aug 12, 2017
I got charged $286 from Lowes #00907* in NC. I live in Florida, and always shop at Home Depot. This is definitely fraud. I didn't bother to call Lowes. I called my bank and cancelled the card.

  • Janice Falcon
  • May 31, 2017
I have a charge of $350.39 for this Lowes which I did not make that was charged to my Visa credit card. Since I have a Lowes credit card that I receive a 5% discount on it why would I every use my Visa credit card for Lowes?

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  • Otto
  • Nov 22, 2016
Lowes #0097 - fraudulent charge of $587.43 Posted to my credit card on 11/18/16. Spoke twice to Lowes on the phone who could not find the charge on their records. They searched by the credit card number, amount and my name. I called my credit card company and they will be reversing the charges. Lowes was no help. Their record search system definitely needs improvement.

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  • Randy
  • Aug 17, 2016
Charge for 814.39 at Lowes #00907 NC

  • Jim in Florida
  • Jul 28, 2016
I just discovered a fraudulent charge on my debit card from Lowes Store # 00907 in Wilkesboror,NC from yesterday 7/26/2016 and I live in Florida. I have not shopped at Lowes in some weeks, much less in NC nor ordered online from them. I called the number on the charge and they took my information, but would not reverse the charge. They said it seemed it could be a charge for an extended warranty from perhaps a lawnmower purchase, yet a lawnmower purchase was not made using the same debit card number or any of my other cards,et. . I will NOT ever shop at Lowes again!

  • Katie
  • Apr 23, 2016
Well I looked at my credit card and sure enough I was charged April 16, 2016 for $725.00 and some cents. I will be notifying my credit card company about this. Makes me mad that this continues.

  • Denise
  • Apr 17, 2016
Fraud! Charged over $500. Has been reported to my credit card company. I'm suspicious that this happened the same day I renewed my Sirius XM subscription, dealing with a call center overseas.

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  • Kari
  • Jan 7, 2016
Lowes #00907 charged me 210.94 Shows phone 1-866-483-7521 NC

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  • Sir Fix A Lot
  • Nov 26, 2015
I have a $214.45 charge on my account that I cannot account for Made on Aug. 18 2015

  • Oct 13, 2015
I have a charge on my Credit card on 10/7/15 for $326.66 that I didn't make. I called my credit card to report this and have been told they will open a report and could take up to 90 days to clear up. I called the phone number listed on my statement 866-483-7521 and they wouldn't even help me. So upset.

  • Linda Young
  • Jul 25, 2015
Fraudulent transaction of $265 on 07/08/2015 from LOWES #00907 in North Carolina on my debit card. I caught the transaction while it was still in the authorization stage process. I contacted my bank to report this unauthorized transaction and they immediately cancelled my debit card and issued me a new one. They are now in the process of conducting a Fraud investigation.

  • Suzanne
  • Jul 23, 2015
2 charges exactly the same ... on the same day ... from store # 00907. Then another one 3 days later. Am calling my credit card tomorrow.

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  • Daniel R. Metz
  • Jul 8, 2015
I have a charge on my State purchasing card (Visa) for $9.59 on 6-27-15. The store number is listed as 00907. This charge appears to be bogus, and I need to get this rectified ASAP.

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  • Ileana
  • Jun 23, 2015
June 20th 2015 an unauthorized charge of $492.89 to my ATM by Lowe's#00907 contacted Lowes and their corporate office they say that they can't even track this or stop it. Lowe's allows people to steal. What a Shame!!! I did call my back, cancelled my card and the charges are being returned

  • C Wood
  • Jun 18, 2015
Fraudulent charge of $39.87 at Lowe's 00907, June 8, 2015.

  • Ed
  • Jan 27, 2015
November 27, 2014 a charge showed up on my wife's card with a sales of $332.64 from LOWES #00907. We have a local Lowes store and I have a Lowes credit card. There would be no reason I would order anything from North Carolina Lowes Store. This is complete fraud!!!

  • Steffani
  • Dec 31, 2014
Just opened up my Gap Card statement and have a charge of $202.83 to this Lowes #00907 on it. Hopefully with it being a credit card instead of my debit card, I can get it taken care of easier.

  • Georgia Shearon
  • Dec 2, 2014
My debit card was used on 11/29/2014 to make a purchase for $257.40 at Lowes #00907* 866-483*CC11/29 07:37. This purchase was absolutely unauthorized and fraudulent. Please give me some guidance on getting this purchase refunded to my account. I will be going to my bank this afternoon to speak with a representative about this manner. Thank you

  • leo
  • Nov 29, 2014
AMOUNT: 381.28 DESCRIPTION: LOWES #00907* MERCHANT LOCATION:* 866-483-7521 NC I never used or called LOWES as well as never even entered their doors and I have no idea where these stores are located. This is a froude. I received no help from calling LOWES. I contacted my bank and had them cancelled my credit card.

  • Hecky
  • Nov 19, 2014
Nov 2014 Charged 199 plus 20 -- filling a report to my bank - CHK CARD PUR LOWES #00907*

  • Oct 27, 2014
Fraudulent transaction of $500 10/15/14 from LOWES #00907 on my debit card.

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  • Bitch
  • Sep 1, 2014
Doesn't anyone have fraud protection? This happened to me from 8/13-8/31. I went to make a monthly payment and bam! Over $400 worth of fraudulent charges. All I did was call the bank to cancel the card and investigate the charges. This is obviously internet based. By the way, Lowe's, Home Depot and other big box stores have raped the land. How much stuff can we make and accumulate? How many chemicals and toxins can we produce? We didn't have one single bottled water manufacturer twenty years ago. Now we're all brain-washed. What a joke.

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  • Houston
  • Aug 7, 2014
If you have a charge from LOWES#00907, good luck. The charge on our account was from the on-line store#00907 in NC with shipment to CA. At Lowe's request, we reported to local police. Then Lowe's said they would assist local police in their investigation. WHAT?!?!? I emailed CEO, no help. $279++ I suggested that Lowe's call their customer in CA to see if perhaps the customer supplied the wrong credit card number. They declined. Only help from Chase is to open new account. YUK!

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  • Jennifer
  • Aug 5, 2014
Over $400 charged

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  • Renee
  • Jul 31, 2014
Fraudulent charge of about $109 on July 10, 2014.

  • Kathy Sturgill
  • Jun 12, 2014
Call this # 866-483-7521 and Sue answered the phone. Sue told me she coulnt help me to call my bank. Why even have the # on the statement if you can help. Kathy

  • Glenn Ford
  • Jun 11, 2014
Charge of almost $300US to my Canadian card on May 30th.

  • lavender
  • Jun 9, 2014
Lowes #00907- fraudulent charge of almost $200.

  • Claude
  • Apr 26, 2014
J'ai aussi une transaction non-autorisé de LOWES #00907* 866-483-7521 NC

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