Keto Blast Gummies (5x)

The charge Keto Blast Gummies (5x) was first reported Oct 3, 2022.
Keto Blast Gummies (5x) charge has been reported as unauthorized by 78 users, 22 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • William S Rogers
  • Oct 3, 2022
I got the pill capsules on my original order but did NOT order these gummies! I have been trying the pill capsules but has had NO weight loss. I think this is a scam. I called my bank to find out the merchant's telephone number but guess what, NO NUMBER!

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  • Susan Smith
  • Oct 4, 2022
Same here. I had to close my account so that they couldn't keep charging me each month. Small type/disclosure on the original trial. Shame on them. Shame on Oprah for lending her name to this false weight loss aid.

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78 Unauthorized
22 Authorized

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