The charge JVCOMMR*LUMINOUSSKIN was first reported Feb 2, 2018.
JVCOMMR*LUMINOUSSKIN charge has been reported as unauthorized by 82 users, 33 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Suzanne
  • Apr 6, 2018
I was lured in by a free trial, only pay for shipping/handling. For this you had to pick auto-shipments/payments which you could cancel at any time. Well, I could not, still cannot get it cancelled. I have reported this as fraud to my bank so they can no longer charge my cc. What a pain! I now have to get a new card and reset all my accounts. This is basically a scam. The trial work for 3 pumps then never worked again. I have not seen any new product (not that I want it) but they are still trying to charge for it. I hope this helps all of you to know your not alone... happened to me too. $92.97!

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Level of Distrust

82 Unauthorized
33 Authorized

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