Hernandez Trina

The charge Hernandez Trina was first reported Jun 23, 2019.
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  • Thelight3129
  • Jun 23, 2019
Jessica Ferrera Palmdale Jcpenney broke the law when she gave my information to police officials looking for a credit card thief on the same date Miss Ferrera gave the wrong name she gave the wrong last four of the card number and use my name and identification to give Detective‘s there was no surveillance as she stated because it was lost in transition and I am being accused of a card and it in 0164 as report says but I have the original receipt saying 6431 also my receipt says the purchase was made by a gift card and the receipt says that there was no signature required the purchase I made was over $600 I denticle to the mount the person who stole the credit card used I guess they may have use my email somehow to get a discount maybe they were in back of me and overheard me I don’t know but I hope it is not an employee giving my information out because they’re the ones really doing a crime. They said that they found my name through my email but that’s impossible. To put me as a criminal because are used my email for my discount but if somebody overheard my email they could’ve use it for their discount as well and tied that crime to me I need to call back as soon as possible or I will file huge chargers with the FBI who I am working with 661-406-5322

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