The charge GOOGLE ZYNGA INC was first reported Aug 27, 2013.
GOOGLE ZYNGA INC charge has been reported as unauthorized by 73 users, 26 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Linda Bevel
  • Jul 10, 2019
My name is Linda Bevel I allowed my daughter to use my DEBIT card for a 1 (one) time use ONLY last month Jube 24, 2019 for $49.99, since then she went and removed my card number from your account. Now another charge has been debit out of my checking account on July 8, 2019, and my card was not authorized for you to make any more charges from my checking account. I would appreciate if you would make sure my card ending in 1145 is deleted and please refund my account for the amount of $49.99. Thank you Linda Bevel 501-765-2185 Batesville, Arkansas

  • Google Zinga Inc
  • Apr 3, 2017
I have numerous charges to my account from this site totaling about 20.00

  • Lauri Power
  • Dec 16, 2014
I have charges to my walmart moneycard i did not authorize in the amount of $37.00 between December 3, 2014 and December 9, 2014

  • WTH
  • Dec 9, 2014
Someone stole my credit card and used it for Google Zynga. What a fraud!

  • joe
  • Nov 26, 2014
There is a chaege on my credit card that I never authorized GoogleZynga.com I want my money back asap. thank you

  • Keturah Cub
My children were playing with an old cell phone of mine that is not in service whatsoever playing games and all of a sudden i go to use my prepaid debit card to make a purchase and it came back declined. Upon calling and speaking w a customer service rep and asking where my funds went she gave me the name of this website googlezynga.com and said that they charged my card about 10 times for games and ive never even heard of this website, let alone entered my credit caed information on it!!! I want my money refunded and to never again see a charge on my card from your company! I Never entered my credit card information nor did I authorize any charges nor Do I have a clue how my children could have done so from an old cell phone that is no longer in service?!

  • Stan Bur
BEWARE Zynga gameplayers!!!!!
On 4/29.2012 I went to purchase 20 Mega Freeze tokensfor $7.99. It asked me to confirm the purchase three times and I did. Then I received a message tat it stpped working and try again later. I got busy and went to try again the following day and seen that I was never credited the 20 tokens.
After I checking my bank account online today I seen that I was charged three times $7.99 or $23.97. Being that there's no phone number listed on the transaction, my bank recommended I dispute the charges and to cancel my debit card (which is a hassel) and it would take up to 90 days before I see a credit in my account.
Either credit me $23.97 or 60 Mega Freeze tokens. My son told me to NEVER purchase game tokens in the future and I won't. Also, Zynga Inc. should have a phone number listed where customers can contact a live person since there's a major glitch in theie billing system.

  • Renna Hrb
Each every charge you ever charged my account. My attorney is working on the total amount. This is for every single google charge I have been charged for.

  • Floretta Bos
We have been charged twice for something we have not had nor given permission or confirmed that this amount could be taken

  • Debrah Sie
a month ago $4.99 was taken from my debit card. yesterday $1.00 and $99.99 was also taken from my Bank. The only Information posted was Google Market Place and google.com/chca Zinga. I have never signed up or ever played any games! How did you get my banking info?

  • Eleonore Bla
on the 11th march 2013 there was 2 charges of 97.64 and 2 of 2.00 I contacted bank to have payment stopped but was to late I have never used googlezynga and don't know what it was until bank told me the company that took the money I don't know how they have gotten my card details im reporting googlezynga to the federal authorities for fraud and theft and also to media and any other rellevent authorities including this billing service if are the ones how acquired funds for goglezynga my bank is also investigating the theft I want my money back

  • Gaylord Spi
I have been charged for 2 lots of 97.64 plus 2 2.00 charges totalling near 200 I'm reporting google znyga to the federal authorities for fraud and any other authorities and media I want my money back as I don't know what google znyga is not have I ever used it and I don't no how have gotten my card details

  • Florence Hit
I was charged twice for word with friends tile score.

  • Arlie Teo

  • Kerry Sie
I looked at my account this morning and noticed an authorized charge. 12/01/2012 GOOGLE *Zynga Inc GOOGLE.COM/CHCA (PENDING) 9.73
I can not find any way to contact this company. I have never played their games nor have I ever given my payment information to them.

  • Corrie Gen
at the time the charges started i was recovering from my third stroke and did not authorized any of these payments

  • Eulalia Smo
The only Zyna game I have is Words With Friends and I haven't played it in months. I have multiple charges that equal up to $4.99. I didn't authorize these charges and I don't even know how Google received my card information.

  • Isabell Wys
I do not make purchases on zynga and I do not havne any pay subscriptions through zynga either. There is aprox 15 un authorized charges from googlezynga

  • Santo Hil
i have tried to get coins for the game ZYNGA SLOTS on my phone totaling over $40 and have yet to receive them. would like to be reimbursed ASAP so that i may delete this app. or i will dispute thru my bank!

  • Kenia Pie
I purchased the app to stop all ads on Words with Friends but I am still getting ads on both my facebook game and my phone game. I would like the ads stopped or my money refunded. There is also another google pending charge of $1.00 and I have no idea what that is but this is the only purchase that I have made using this card ending in 4967

  • Gerri Mcc
charges on my credit card

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