The charge GAMELOFT GOOGLE.COM was first reported May 2, 2014.
GAMELOFT GOOGLE.COM charge has been reported as unauthorized by 59 users, 15 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Debit Card W/D GOOGLE *Gameloft
  • May 9, 2015
05/04/2015 POS Payment GOOGLE *ADV PLATFORMS GOOGLE.COM/CH CA #8883 2.99 10.29 *05/09/2015 9997 Debit Card W/D GOOGLE *Gameloft 1.99 .34 *05/09/2015 9997 Debit Card W/D GOOGLE *Gameloft 1.99 2.33 *05/09/2015 9999 Debit Card Preauth GOOGLE *Coffee S 1.99 4.32 *05/09/2015 9997 Debit Card W/D GOOGLE *Gameloft 1.99 6.31 *05/09/2015 9997 Debit Card W/D GOOGLE *Gameloft 1.99 8.30 These are charges found on ,y online banking account made with a debit card that has been lost for three months. Card ends with 3311 please advise how I can stop this and find out who made these charges

  • unhappy subscriber
  • Dec 26, 2014
How Gameloft ‘subscribed’ me 1) Downloaded and shortly uninstalled a ‘free’ game from Play Store onto a wifi-only tablet (not a phone). The game developer is not listed as Gameloft but is an associated company. 2) Gameloft has an agreement with over 100 telecoms around the world. The telecom provided my details to Gameloft and allowed them to charge me through my phone bill. Gameloft claim that they received authorisation but cannot provide any proof. Unsubscribing and refunds 1) Inoperative ‘unsubscription’ SMS number and website button. Unanswered web-based email. Hotline usually not manned. 2) Waiting for refund, can take up to 12 weeks. They try to limit refunds to the last three months.

  • UrsulaShanelle
  • May 2, 2014
So I went to check my bank statement and gameloft has charged me $18.99 on the 1st of May for no reason at all? I do not recall ever buying anything from them. I was wondering how do I get my money back? Or is there no hope? Not happy at all!!!!

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