FS *PC Mac-Cleaner, , 877-3278914,

The charge FS *PC Mac-Cleaner, , 877-3278914, was first reported Mar 8, 2019.
FS *PC Mac-Cleaner, , 877-3278914, charge has been reported as unauthorized by 65 users, 20 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Barbora
  • Mar 8, 2019
Yesterday, I paid the PC Mac-Cleaner, however transaction was declined and did not get any key. On the other day I saw that money have been sent , exactly 118 dollar, I want my money back bc As a lawyer I have no problem to go to the court bc this is very serious fraud and if you are not going to respond I am going to send it to the hands of higher representatives and these people might have very serious problem and I am not kidding! This is one of the most serious crimes nowadays and I will not let someone to take my money for nothing!!!

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Level of Distrust

65 Unauthorized
20 Authorized

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