Fraud charges on my debit card

The charge Fraud charges on my debit card was first reported Aug 1, 2020.
Fraud charges on my debit card charge has been reported as unauthorized by 64 users, 19 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Nancy John Tiller
  • Aug 1, 2020
You have fraudulently charged us on 5/7/20 $14.99 and again on 7/19/20 $14.99 on our debit card. We expect IMMEDIATE REFUND OF THESE TWO DEBITS. We have had fraud charges on our debit card and yours are two of them. Failure to return our money within 3 days and our bank is taking you to court. REFUND OUR MONEY $29.98 IMMEDIATELY TO CARD ENDING IN 2345. AND DON'T EVER TAKE ANY MORE MONEY FROM US AGAIN. We never received two more orders from you and we don't expect to because we did not order more. You are a failure, your website says so. Nancy John Tiller 573-473-2344

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64 Unauthorized
19 Authorized

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