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The charge EPOCH.COM *VTC www.epoch.com was first reported Jan 6, 2014.
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  • Trent Joyce
  • Mar 24, 2014
My name is Trent Joyce. I own a Visa credit card that was issued to me through my bank, CIBC. For the past 4 - 6 months I have received charges on my credit card that have been showing up on my banking statements with THIS website as the name associated with the charge(s). Each month, on no specific date, that I have noticed, I receive usually 2 charges, both on the same day, back to back! For example: on Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 according to my online banking statement in my credit card section, I received 2 charges back to back with this website as the name associated with the charges. The first charge was for the amount of $46.37 and the second one was for $40.57. I have absolutely no idea why I am still being charged, twice a month no less, for something in which don't or no longer use. I signed up with a website about 6 months ago called Flirt.com I believe. I chose the 3-day trial for $1.97 or something like that. I expected to get no more or no less than what I signed on for, which was access to that particular and ONLY that particular site for 3 days!! Again, that was 6 months ago. I tried doing this 2 months ago (and by doing "this" I mean I came to this website and asked for the charges to stop) but obviously, I was successful. The website claimed that all I had to do to CANCEL my SUBSCRIPTION was to reply to their emails with the word STOP and it would end. I DID THAT!!! STILL, I SIT HERE BEING CHARGED ANYWHERE BETWEEN $60 - $80 A MONTH, DIVIDED BETWEEN 2 CHARGES. I have a 1-800 number associated with this website. I would like you to stop/cancel/unsubscribe me/my credit card from any and all websites that are responsible for making these charges to my credit card. I think I have come along way from a 3-day $1.97 trial to a 6 month $60 - $80 per month unwanted and unused account. I would appreciate it if an email was sent to me letting me know you have received this statement and that my request to have my account(s) cancelled has been both acknowledged and dealt with. If I receive any more charges to my credit card AFTER this statement I will no longer deal with this quietly and discreetly and will do whatever I have to, to make SURE it is dealt with. Something as simple as "reply to our email with the word STOP" to unsubscribe has become a whole lot more and I am extremely irritated with how you run your websites! Thank You! Sincerely, Trent W Joyce p.s - my credit card is a CIBC Visa with the last 4 digits of my 16 digit credit card being: 8615.

  • Mary Robinson
  • Mar 19, 2014
What is this charge on my credit card?

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