The charge Ebtwm was first reported Sep 13, 2022.
Ebtwm charge has been reported as unauthorized by 60 users, 17 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Natiyeus
  • Sep 13, 2022
I went to use my ebt card at walmart and it said i had insufficient funds and i know that was wrong so i look on my providers app to look at my ebt account and noticed there was a transaction amount of $585.60 spent off my card from ebtwm and I looked at it info and the address 702 SW 8th st. Bentonville and above that transaction was a refund amount $70.71 deposited back on my card from the same ebtwm. Now I'm left with less then $20 on my ebt card for the month and that has put me in a very hard place of what to do for the remainder of the month cause I've looked it up how to report it but I seen people have and nothing has been done about it but they had to cancel card and get a new one.

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Level of Distrust

60 Unauthorized
17 Authorized

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