Donation to Congressional Race George

The charge Donation to Congressional Race George was first reported May 29, 2017.
Donation to Congressional Race George charge has been reported as unauthorized by 71 users, 22 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Ernest U EninOkut
  • May 29, 2017
I never set up a recurring transaction either. I've oticed several coplaints. I made mistake of using my debit card for the first time in April. BANG.. I noticed a weekly charge for #$110 a pop in a recurring charge that I never set up for the candidate. I'm still trying to get most of the unauthorized donation refunded. I like the Dem candidate to take the seat and was going to make another, bigger donation. However, this illegal money extortion really pissed me off. Its weirdly coincidental too. It could be a hack or from looking at the past complaints, looks like an internal glitch in their system settings/code. I will not tolerate and am switching to other donation systems.. and never using my debit for political donations ever ( a big No-no). E

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