The charge DIGITAL RIVE AV was first reported Sep 25, 2017.
DIGITAL RIVE AV charge has been reported as unauthorized by 69 users, 28 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Katpaw
  • Sep 25, 2017
This turns out to be AVAST, who con people without knowing they are being conned, plus people not reading all the small print just because something is free doesn't mean its really free. They have small print that states that the full purchased price will be auto renewed once the trial period has run out. Also they have all purchases on auto renewal for payment unless you opt out and do it manually. Most people my self included get caught out when this huge charge comes out of their credit card without their permission. So in all it is an unauthorized transaction as there is no warning at all that its going to even happen like a email stating the trial is ending or your subscription is ending and needs renewal. This simple little thing has caused a hell alot of people grief and screaming at their banks, paypal and thmeselves. AVAST are deceptive and sneaky in how the do business as lot of people cant even be bothered to do much about it and let it slide so they think the can keep getting away with it.

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Level of Distrust

69 Unauthorized
28 Authorized

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