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The charge Cverify.co 8668993175 was first reported Jan 28, 2023.
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This is the email sent to me in respect to get a job applied for, Camilla Preston or someone claiming to be request I do a check with credit verify as requirement to get the job. She stated that it is at no cost. Please, read the email below. Thank you. Camilla Preston Thu, Feb 23, 12:18 PM (12 days ago) to me Hello, Thank you, again, for taking the time to apply to this role. I, May Need to Look at Your, Background History/Credit Scores and This will also include your Criminal Records. Because the Data and the other information we will provide you is Costly And Company Can not take any chances. Visit www.VerifyCreditcheck.ca 'it doesn't Cost don't worry' When you are done with the reports Please Send me your Reports Screenshot+ Your Resume and Contact number in One mail Please. Thank you. Camilla Preston.

  • Vfox98
  • Jan 28, 2023

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