The charge CS.POGO.COM POGO was first reported Aug 11, 2013.
CS.POGO.COM POGO charge has been reported as unauthorized by 95 users, 12 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Juanita A St.Clair
  • Jun 10, 2019
I did not authorize this renewal. My American Express bill showed a charge of $42.63. That made me aware of the charge I did not authorize. I would appreciate an immediate credit back to my American Express and Cancel my membership. I don't feel comfortable with you charging my account without my knowledge and can't TRUST you anymore. Again, Cancel my membership and credit back the charge.

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  • Jammie Fry
charge was not authorizer

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  • Shawnna Spi
my charge card was billed 2 times and want to know why

  • Melody Vit
I was charged 39.99 on July 1, 2013, and I do not know why. I have not played on this site for at least a year.

  • Otilia Bul
I don't know what this is and want to have the 39.99 put back on my card please and stop taking the money out !!!

  • Ariane Aya
can not talk to live person for billing

  • Bertha Eld
I can no longer get pogo games in my area

  • Velda Pen
I only wanted a 2 week trial period & I notified them after a couple of days to say that i didn't want it BUT they billed me anyway for a year membership which I don't want.

  • Jaqueline Jac
We cancelled Pogo a long time ago, about 3 years ago at least...why are we getting charged $42.63 on our Discover card? I want a refund for all charges and I want no more charges made on my card

  • Terry Shi
i joined pogo in 2011 and paid via Discover card $39.99. however, i DID NOT authorize them to sign me up in 2012. i do not want Pogo.....i want my name removed completely. THEY CANCELLED IN 2012 and gave me credit; thenadded it again in Jan. 2013. I want this unauthorized charge removed.

  • Luella Woj
Charged $39.95 on my credit card have no idea what it is for.Did not order any thing.would like this charge taken off of my debit card

  • Modesta Sta
did not to order pogo

  • Lloyd Pof
i did not authorize this charge

  • Lura Mcq
I reinstated my subscription, charge on my credit card was forwarded to pogo
My Club Pogo Status is "InActive:" I have called and was told numerous times the wait is 800/ 900 minutes???? I have been a memeber for * years. "InActive" is not warranted. PLEASE REACTIVATE My CLUB POGO My Acct is PAID

  • Valarie Cau
i was charge something I didn't described and I would put it back and if not ill be going to the fcc n going to see a laywer and ill be sueing you

  • Gayle Bus
I can;t find anyone person to talk to. I keep getting the run around sending me every place except where I need help. I just want to talk with a real person. I ordered 5.99 gems as always, when I looked, it said 39.99. I always ordered 5.99 because that is all I can afford. If you look at the history, you will see the price of 5.99. I am really mad, I have been a member since 2004. I want my order back to what is it supposed to be, 5.99 NOT 39.99.....

  • Jerold Omm
The site says it is a charge for a subscribtion in Nov.2011. Have a new debit card, the credit card expiration date and security number is different so this charge should not have went through, also I had cancelled the subscribtion. No way of contacting this company, every "Help / Contact" window takes to something else. Am disputing charges with my bank.

  • Asuncion Har
Yes, i was charge 43.19 for a renewal subscription to pogo. that was very nice of them, only they took the charge out of my checking account and there was no money in my checking account to cover this charge. i was never notified about renewal they just went ahead and did the transaction. i was planning on renewing when i had money in my account. please take the charge off my checking account

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