Cheers fitness bargains

The charge Cheers fitness bargains was first reported Jul 21, 2022.
Cheers fitness bargains charge has been reported as unauthorized by 98 users, 24 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • s.a.miller
  • Jul 21, 2022
I was manipulated into receiving a $500 shell gas card and all I had to.do was pay the S&H OF @ $5.00. Soon, IMMEDIATLY after I sent the $5 for S$H., I received a notification stating that they( the same (merchant )had tried to make another transaction. This posted transaction for $49.99. I did not agree to any other offers. Please stop this transaction and REMOVE ALL OF MY INFORMATION FROM YOUR SYSTEM. IMMEDIATLY. ALSO THE LAST TRANSACTION THAT WAS TRIED WHILE I WAS UNAWARE OF, HAS COME FROM THE SAME Source., eg/ the shell card but was a different merchant name I believe, for $69.99

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98 Unauthorized
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