The charge Apl.itunes.com was first reported Oct 24, 2015.
Apl.itunes.com charge has been reported as unauthorized by 95 users, 12 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Anita Record
  • Dec 8, 2015
I have had several charges on my debit card from your company. 11/02/2015 for $18.96, 11/30/2015 for $1.98, 12/07/2015 for $3.98. I am a 70 year old woman on Social Security and I did not authorize any of these charges. I do not have an account with you and I would not have an account with you. The last four digits of my debit card are 2089. I am barely making ends meet now. I do not need you people taking my money. You need to put this money back in my account. Now I know why I had an overdraft charge of $36 that I couldn't afford to have and couldn't understand why. If this is the way Apple makes their money, it's disgusting. I will be notifying my bank and filing a fraud charge against you all if the money is not back in my account immediately. Anita L. Record Lonedell,, Mo. 63060

  • Outerbanks1
  • Oct 24, 2015
I just looked at my bank statement and found many unauthorized charges from iTunes. The latest being on October 22,2015 for$8.44. Looking back through July 2015 $15.79 has been fradulently charged and probably a lot more if I went back further!

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95 Unauthorized
12 Authorized

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