The charge AM APPS LTD IAT PAYPAL was first reported Dec 16, 2021.
AM APPS LTD IAT PAYPAL charge has been reported as unauthorized by 71 users, 20 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • AM Apps Limited
  • Mar 1, 2023
I found this when I noticed paypal notified me about a $59 charge. My wife didn't charge it. Apparently she looked at the app sometime ago and didn't realize what was happening. Neither did I. I intend to go to the credit card company and get rid of it. They have repeating Paypal transaction set up. I canceled that.

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  • Todd C
  • Mar 2, 2023
I also discovered this among my paypal charges: $59.40 every three months over the past year. My wife also recalls looking at the app a while back but definitely didn’t opt in. I will also contact Paypal and Visa to dispute their repeating charges on the basis of fraud.

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  • eventide7
  • Nov 10, 2022
I approved $9.73 for a trial of Simple Intermittent Fasting. AM APPS LTD set it up as a recurring charge on my PayPal account rather than a one-time payment, and they also set up an additional $43.60 recurring charge on my account. I was notified by PayPal of the new charges, and I immediately contacted AM APPS LTD for a refund. They told me that I got a really good deal and closed my request without refunding me. I submitted complaints to PayPal for both charges, and PayPal refunded the $9.73 that I had intentionally paid, but refused to refund the $43.60 that I did NOT approve.

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