The charge ACT REGISTRATION 877-228-4881 CA was first reported Jul 22, 2013.
ACT REGISTRATION 877-228-4881 CA charge has been reported as unauthorized by 94 users, 23 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Donna J Morgensen
  • Aug 17, 2020
Unauthorized Charges

  • Bert
  • Dec 7, 2015
$64.95 Total SCAM. I'm not active (at all). DID NOT register for ANY event.

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  • Sam
  • Nov 12, 2015
I thought my charge of $87.50 was fraudulent until I realized that it was my local YMCA. The charge used to say "YMCA ACT" but now it just says "ACT registration".

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  • ACT*CHS STOREEZ2 877-228-4881 CA
  • Sep 15, 2015

  • Bowtie
  • May 20, 2015
Charge of $186.88 was for Disney World Marathon and is legit. Phone number listed matches credit card charged.

  • tom
  • Jan 15, 2015
I got hit for $171.00. Trying to fix it now. What a scam. All I did was register for a race.

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  • Brittany Guden
  • Aug 4, 2014
I have a charge of $56.24 on my card from ACT ACTIVE I do not believe I used my card on your website. I would like assistance to figure this out please. Thank You, Brittany

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  • george
  • Jun 5, 2014
This is a processing company not Act Student - I spoke to them. just watch your bank statement online and call them if you see any charges not authorized. and whoever is posting the act student stop YOU ARE WRONG. this company processes payments for different groups like park and rec etc...

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  • Priyanka
  • Apr 7, 2014
I signed up for color run and paid the full price of the run. At that time I was not told or noticed that there is 64$ fee. Not suddenly i see 64$ charged to my card for no real reason. I am going to call them tomorrow to revoke the fee. I don't need there membership.

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  • jojo
  • Mar 16, 2014
Don't believe the person who posted saying it's from ACT Student Services. If you track the phone number, it's for ACTIVE.com It's some donation site that you apparently "registered" for a race, and they tacked on some membership fee. Call the number. Get your money back.

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  • Mike the Owl
  • Mar 6, 2014
I have 2 transactions from Rovio mobile that I know nothing about. Please explain the reason

  • Mike the Owl
  • Mar 6, 2014
I have 2 transactions from Rovio mobile that I know nothing about. Pl

  • etroyer1987
  • Feb 25, 2014
active.com charged me $25...jerks!

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  • elaine
  • Feb 15, 2014
I was going to call the bank because I was just charged $160.00 I used to run races through active, and the phone number on my bank charge was not a working number. I was flipping out and called the bank, but at the last moment remembered I made a payment for a trip for my son through his school store...This is just a processing agent, I don't like the fact that the number is not a working number...so I'm going to cancel my card anyway :(

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  • cs
  • Feb 15, 2014
They charged 87.6 from my credit card this Jan. I signed up race in 2011, not sure how many times they stole my money.

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  • Rachel
  • Feb 3, 2014
$123.30 posted to my account this weekend. DOn't know who these guys are and I haven't signed up for any races or the like. The bummer is, now I have to get a new card for the 2d time in a month, because I just got a new card due to the Target fiasco! Don't know how thtei Active Network got hold of my new numbers so fast??!!

  • alejandra franco
  • Jan 15, 2014
Scams I want my money in my account back!

  • erika
  • Jan 29, 2014
i want my money in my account back!

  • vCharges User
  • Dec 2, 2013
5k registration.

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  • Alvera Put
  • Aug 25, 2013
It's a credit card processor and the charge was legitimate for a golf round I paid for. Rather than listing the transaction for the golf course, the charge showed it was from ACT.
Confusing, but not criminal.

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  • Kathaleen Ves
  • Aug 25, 2013
It was a charge from our local rec center. I thought it was fraud too, but once I researched I found out it was the charge for my son to attend summer camps at the recreation centers in my town. I agree with one of the other postings on this matter, it would help if the centers posted that they use "ACT" to charge debit and credit card or if signing up by phone to have the employee who is taking your information inform you what ACT is.

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  • Lucio Jun
  • Aug 23, 2013
I was charged $146.73 on my debit card. I have not clicked on anything or made any donation, I DON'T even know who or what this organization is (except for what I have read here). I called my bank to cancel my card/account because this is considered theft to me. They left only a few dollars the account they took the money from!!!! I have asked the bank to press charges after they do further investigation!!! They are crediting me back my funds but they also pulled up this website & promised me that they are definitely looking into this case/situation so others will not have the same happen to them.

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  • Chana Blo
  • Aug 23, 2013
I see a lot of comments about "children" & "legit" on this site. I just want everyone to know, I do not have a child & I do not live in California where my transaction was "made". This is fraud!!! Before you start reading about how legit these people are, I hope you read my post & the post about how they took $146.73 from me. I live in North Carolina and have for 10+ years. Beware of the comments made, could be made by the ones actually doing the scam!!! This is fraud!!!

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  • Mai Ros
  • Aug 20, 2013
Legit charge for a Sports Physical fee through our high school banker.

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  • Coreen Ale
  • Aug 15, 2013
We signed our boys up through one of our city's community centers. This is a legit charge.

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  • Vance Luc
  • Aug 8, 2013
Appears to be the charge for signing my daughter up for little league fall ball. Ironically, I noticed it, literally, in the middle of registering my son for his ACT. I was starting to think I must have registered him last month in some sort of fugue state. Anyway, it's legit... if confusing.

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  • Bettye Dif
  • Aug 6, 2013
ACT MECH RECREATION 877-228-4881 CA is Mechanicsburg Recreation Department Swimming Pool

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  • Larry Bum
  • Aug 3, 2013
Paid for daughters HS yearbook and PE clothes. Also freaked out at first when I didn't recognize the name. Once I saw all the school related charges posted above, I remembered.

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  • Gisele Pic
  • Jul 31, 2013
This was a legitimate charge for $20 to join our local recreation center.

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  • Aurelio Cla
  • Jul 26, 2013
Campsites and cabin rental in Colorado - legitimate

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  • Lynna Kin
  • Jul 20, 2013
HERE IS THE ANSWER: ACT is just a Bank Card transaction company. I traced the charges back to my local community center for my son's tennis lessons! I told them they need to put a sign up or an explanation of charges next to the debit/credit card reader that the charges will read: ACT (your city usually) and the company number. OR, ACT needs to get their ACT together, and at least POST the name of the company or center the charge originated from. "Marin Community Center" would have explained everything. What a headache!

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  • Sean Tin
  • Jul 17, 2013
ACT*City of Cedar 877-228-4881.
Just saw this charge and freaked out about it, but after talking to my wife about it, she did reserve a pavilion at a local park with the City of Cedar Park (TX) for our sons bday party last week. So looks like it it legit.

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  • Toney Wil
  • Jul 16, 2013
Mine was a contribution to the Chrohn's and Colitis Foundation of America. My credit card statement said ACT-CCFA, which I didn't immediately recognize.

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  • Sherice Boy
  • Jul 14, 2013
Used by the Tippecanoe county, IN pool and concessions stand.

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  • Deloris Nie
  • Jul 11, 2013
I called the number available on my bank statement. Turns out the charges are from me taking the kids to a city pool and then again for using the concession stand inside. Whew! Legit charges... thank goodness!

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  • Evangeline Wie
  • Jul 7, 2013
We too had this charge on our card as "ACT*ACTIVE-NETWORK 877-228-4881 CA". Did some digging and have a definitive explanation. SEE NOTE AT END OF POST FOR THE REAL SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER. The number on the charge statement is different and may not help.
The Active Network, Inc. (www.active.com) is a site that helps all kind of race and event companies process and manage their registrations.
Most of the time the web site for the registration does not make it clear that you are processing your registration through this company!
When you go to check out they will offer you a FREE 30-day trial to Active Advantage, which they will tell you saves you $10 in registration fees and many other benefits. This is what entices so many people to check the box. From their FAQ:
Q: How did I sign up for an ACTIVE Advantage trial membership?
ANSWER: When registering online for an activity/event through the ACTIVE Network (including reserving a campsite on Reserve America), you may be presented with the opportunity to try ACTIVE Advantage free for 30 days. This offer is displayed after your registration is complete, but before your registration confirmation page. To opt-in to the trial membership offer, you are required to verify and re-enter your email address, and then select an offer acceptance button. If you are not interested in the Advantage trial membership, you simply have to click "No Thanks". With either choice you will then be taken to your registration/reservation confirmation page.
If you do choose to try the Advantage trial membership, you will receive a trial confirmation email. Half way through your trial membership period you will receive another "checking in" email that highlights featured discounts and encourages you to take advantage of the membership benefits. At the end of your 30 day trial we will extend your member benefits for a full year at the then-current annual membership fee (currently $64.95) and will send a notification email about the membership status change and billing.
Of course, you're always protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Even if you decide after your 30 day trial period has ended that you're not satisfied with your membership, just let us know and we'll give you a pro-rated refund for the unused months--no questions asked!
Q: Does the trial membership become a full membership?
A: If you decide during the 30-day trial period that you don't want to continue the membership, just let us know. Otherwise, at the end of your 30 day trial we will extend your member benefits for a full year at the then-current annual membership fee. Of course, you're always protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Even if you decide after your 30 day trial period ends that you're not satisfied with your membership, we'll give you a pro-rated refund for the unused months--no questions asked!
Right now that rate is $64.95 per year!
Q: How do I receive a refund for my ACTIVE Advantage membership?
A: To request a refund for your ACTIVE Advantage membership, please contact our customer support team at [email protected] or by phone at 866-561-0647 (between the hours of 7:00am and 5:00pm PST). With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, if at any time during your annual membership you are not completely satisfied, we’ll cancel your membership and give you a pro-rated refund for any unused months - no questions asked!

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  • Melissia Ehl
  • Jul 3, 2013
This was charged for me when booked for Hearst Castle tickets online visa reserve america. They cancelled after I called in that number. Wastage of time and unnecessary cause of worry, no matter what they are doing, its a shady practice and I am going to complain with credit card company to block them

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  • Debora Str
  • Jul 2, 2013
thought it was a fraud, but realized our local pool must use this company.

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  • Jesica Wan
  • Jun 29, 2013
I didn't recognize it either - it's the company our local parks and rec uses and we charged a pool membership.

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  • Helga Die
  • Jun 28, 2013
I almost called my credit card to report fraud. Then I realized after others comments this was for my newphew's Football Camp.

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  • Eboni Anh
  • Jun 28, 2013
Active.com automatically charged me a membership fee 30 days after I signed up for a race. Instead of calling the 877 number listed on my bank statement, I called the active.com toll free number, 888-543-7223. Within 15 minutes, I was connected to a person who is reversing the fee.

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  • Brigida Kli
  • Jun 23, 2013
SPARC Summer Camp registration fee. Took me a minute to realize what the charge was.

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  • Marlana San
  • Jun 19, 2013
Spend some time thinking about what you registered for. I thought it was fraud but it was a charge for my daughters Lax camp. Took me awhile....but thanks to others posts I was able to figure it out. This is not fraud.

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  • Francine Chu
  • Jun 18, 2013
I signed up for the color run about a few months prior. I did not sign up for the membership this is fraud and I'm contacting active.com 877-228-4881 tomorrow for my $64 refund

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  • Collette Mil
  • Jun 17, 2013
This showed up on my credit card and I thought it was fraud. Turned out it was the registration for my daughter in the color run 5k. It's legit.

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  • Margene Van
  • Jun 15, 2013
Paid for lunch at McClellan Ranch (public park) cafe in Cupertino, CA. Legitimate.

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  • Jeannine Mcc
  • Jun 11, 2013
ACT*PROGRAMS 800-498-6065 IA

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  • Otha Arr
  • Jun 6, 2013
A charge of $64.95 showed up on my bank statement this morning. After calling them I was told it was an annual fee that kicked in when I made ticket reservations for Hearst Castle! I agree with a previous comment, this is a very BAD business model.

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  • Jose Pas
  • Jun 5, 2013
Chula Vista Parks and Recreation uses this when registering online for public classes that are being held. Line on statement reads: ACT*CITYOFCHULAVISTA 877-228-4881

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  • Elizabeth Lon
  • Jun 5, 2013
Local Rec Center. Legitimate.

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  • Katherina Sta
  • Jun 4, 2013
Thanks to mention of gym above I realized this was a charge for gym membership at local community/ senior center in So Cal.

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