The charge VTS SAN FRANCISCO was first reported Jan 4, 2014.
VTS SAN FRANCISCO charge has been reported as unauthorized by 66 users, 18 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • jimmy Harris
  • Aug 11, 2015
Took a ride with co first time today back to south beach from airport... up on completion of the ride swiped my card and clicked on a few buttons and yep a pressed the wrong one driver got rude as hell and said he would have to pay for the credit card transaction cause I pushed the wrong button....So sorry.I'm not from here and don't do this often...but yet rude.....I had zero cash as I just got off the plane...Rude yet again...But that point....I was like hey fuck you...I was going to walk inside and get cash but your big mouth fucked you I hope your indian ass has to pay for all your pathetic shit from now on...get a real mans job and stop whinning cause your not back in your land sucking a goats dick...UBER from now on.....fuck u

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