The charge TURNSEVEN INC. was first reported Aug 21, 2013.
TURNSEVEN INC. charge has been reported as unauthorized by 56 users, 28 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Lenard Str
  • Nov 4, 2012
These mongrels at the Social Man Website have charged me a monthly subscription of $64 AUD (approx $70 USD) in three consecutive months after only making a SINGLE ONCE OFF purchase of $45 AUD only. How can they be allowed to take money unauthorised as they please? How/Why is Turnseven allowing this happen? I want a refund of 3x$70 immediately.

  • Joleen Sch
  • Oct 28, 2012
They were suppose to charge only $19 but end up charging two lots of $67.00 on 15th october and 31st october. I want to opt out of their subscription. Email address is [email protected]

  • Torie Wit
The following charges have been made to my creditcard, without authorisation:
2012-09-04 €54,21
2012-09-16 €51,84
2012-10-16 €51,96
2012-11-15 €53,70
2012-12-14 €51,85
2013-01-14 €52,23
2013-02-13 €51,25
2013-03-15 €52,88
I have not made a purchase from turnseven

  • Elizebeth Hob
I have been charged 39.97 monthly since March 2012, but their advertisement said the charge was going to be a one time fee. I've been charged 39.97 @ Mar 7, 2012, Apr 6, 2012, May 8, 2012, Jun 5, 2012, Jul 5, 2012, Aug 7, 2012, Sep 4, 2012, Oct 3, 2012, Nov 2, 2012, Dec 4, 2012, Jan 2, 2013, Jan 31, 2013, Mar 4, 2013. Please refund my money, it was suppose to be a onetime charge not a reoccuring charge!!!

  • Kala Cha
I am not sure what this is but I want it immediately removed from my account and cancelled. Please, don't make me push this harder!

  • Brittaney Fer
Sir Jonathan Hudson offer online courses at a fixed price of 67 USD onetime payment explicitly in his website advertisement, but I’m going to third month billing the same amount of 67USD that’s 134 USD more than I should have paid.
They, offer onetime payment, but keep billing forever not a good way to do business Sr Jonathan Hudson This kind of attitude you teach men must not have.

  • Araceli Ban
I never authorized a monthly charge, and they have been upon realizing my account history I'm shocked to find out that they been charging me monthly since March 7th, 2012, I'd like my money back!

  • Gwenn Huh
Turnseven inc. have been charging $67US @ Oct.17, $67US @ Oct.31 and $67US @ Nov.30 that I did not authorize. I need to be refunded all money they charged. Should I talk to VISA company as fraud?

  • Nannie Dri
They took an unauthorized $402 from me on my CC. Calling my company to see what they can do for me. Scammers.

  • Jutta Muo
You have been charging my account for five consecutive months, According to your advertising the charge was going to be a $37 one time fee. However you have been charging my account for the amount of $67 on the following months 8/22/12, 9/21/12, 10/23/12, 11/20/12, and 12/2012. Please reimburse this funds to my account and cancel any commitment with you. If the issue is not resolved in a timely manner I will have my bank take care of this issue and file a report with your local Corporation Commission. What happened section above should include all the options available unfortunatelly only one choice is allowed.
Thank you

  • Berry Mcg
I first bought some products from TurnSeven Inc. AKA theSocialman.com On Aug 14th and 24th, These were advertised as one time payments. However I've been billed extra each month on my credit card as follows.
Sep 23- $67.39 Oct 22- $68.24 Nov 22- $68.56 Dec 27- $68.33

  • Zella Luv
Just to let everyone know that I disputed it through billguard and TURNSEVEN has refunded the debits in full (but I needed to contact them direct with details of the original order etc.

  • Celeste Ear
I remember making some purchases with the socialman but I deleted my account and now you've taken an additional amount of 67$ out of my account If you can't refund it atleast tell me how to keep from getting continually charged.

  • Stormy Dan
I purchased some products from you on Dec18,2012. For $67.00 and $104.00. Now my account shows that you took $67.00 out of my checking account on 12-31 and 1-2-2013. I did not order anything else from you. So that money needs to be refunded back to my account. I have called and emailed you a lot with no response from you. If i don't get help i will let my bank handle it. Thank You William Barbee

  • Guadalupe Sci
Hey william,I'm Trevor the exact same amount got taken from my account today.I called the number from my bank statement and it said number no longer in service.Obviously these people are skeemers.You probably won't get that money back but you can keep them from taking more.Go to your bank and close your checking account take all the money out and open a new one.That way they can't keep taking money out of the account because it no longer exsists.And why you're at it never purchase anything on the internet again.

  • Mariette Joh
I bought an online product from the Social Man. the Charge went though as $47 on 7/11. I'm fine with this charge.
I'm not fine with the 39.97 unauthorized fees I've been getting each month ever since.
8/10, 9/10, 10/10, 11/10, 12/10
I did not know about this fee nor did I ever choose to pay a monthly fee. I'm very upset to find out that these guys have taken $199.85 from me. I've emailed and called them multiple times with no response for over a week. Please help
I'm choosing no subscription because that would imply I knew about this "subscription" which I obviously don't. but I am getting montly fees.

  • Willow Sca
I do not recognize this charge, nor do I understand how it came to be on my bill. I do not know enough about this to understand what happened, except that I do not recognize the charge. What was purchased in exchange? I got nothing.

  • Joleen Mir
2 charges show up on my bank accound at chase that I don't approved. 1. for $67 and 1 for $201

  • Naoma Lar
My card have been charge for $67 by Turnseven.inc. 3 times. What confuse me is I have never subscribe nor buy a product from the Social Man, how in the world did you charge me up on this? Where did you get my card number?

  • Vicente Hep
I get charged by Turnseven Inc various amounts for the last 6 month unautherized. Please help and cancel my account with them. I tried in vain do do this in April/May. It has added up to $ 468.97.
Thank you!

  • Donita Tre
They keep billing for unauthorized charges - I don't want whatever service they have - they are billing me $67 USD per month - the last one was on oct.17th

  • Les Din
I have been charged to my account $67.00 that I did not authorize. Please call me regarding this matter. I need to be refunded this money as soon as possible.
Thank you.

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