The charge SEI*EUROSPORT 800-934-38NC was first reported Dec 18, 2013.
SEI*EUROSPORT 800-934-38NC charge has been reported as unauthorized by 89 users, 24 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Andrey
  • Apr 2, 2015
that nobody talks about gritavy then mentions the theory that it's all the doing of invisible vacuum cleaners.a penchant for misquoting others; the confidence to dismiss, nay, ridicule sound engineering logic without the engineering know-how to back it up.Who have I misquoted? If you are talking about the issue as to whether or not the drivers thought Hamilton drove dangerously behind the SC, we have already covered that. I concluded that there is not a safe (i.e. non-dangerous) way of contributing to a crash. You didn't respond to that conclusion.I never even quoted anyone on that issue anyway.There’s nothing remotely satirical about your title.Well, that is a subjective opinion. I'm sorry if it wasn't obvious enough to you, but I usually treat my readers with enough intelligence not to have to put big flashing neon signs every time I am not being totally straight-faced.You have to believe me when I say this. I thought about including a question mark in the title. But I thought to myself, Well, the media will swallow the gearbox line whole, so I'll make a point about it here. You will see if you read straight to the bottom of the post that part of my intention was to lambast the media's bias. It is just a reaction to the media's one-sidedness.I’m still trying to figure out what my red herrings are.I've already said, twice. The red herring is that you continually accuse me of dismissing this and that and not being able to conclusively prove that Hamilton pressed the button. But that is not the real point of your arguments. Because if it was, you would be equally scornful of the media's response, one which is genuinely dismissive and wilfully ignorant of the existence of any controversy.engineering knowledge, media savvy and their numerous contacts within the F1 scene and books to sell and parochial British tabloid readers to keep happy!Update to respond to #56 which was posted while I was writing:But it does raise an interesting point. What if the other MSM outlets have better contacts in the F1 industry than, say, PitPass? Could that be one possible explanation of why they have not given much credence to that idea?Possible. But as I've said, the British mainstream media have a certain vested interest in defending Lewis Hamilton. I would tend to trust the likes of Pitpass more, though. For one, Pitpass is an independent website. It is aimed specifically at motor racing enthusiasts. Unlike the MSM, they are under no pressure to sensationalise stories. Nor do they feel the need to over-hype the British drivers.I believe the majority of F1 journalists for newspapers also tend to cover more than just Formula 1, and are only called upon to write about F1 when the editor decides he wants an article about it. Pitpass, on the other hand, is a dedicated motor racing website. As such, I would tend to believe that Pitpass has better contacts than the MSM journalists, but who's to say?

  • resident
  • Jan 13, 2014
Never heard of these people until I got ripped off by someone using an old account number. Caught it fast and they were able to recover their goods, but Im still out my funds and noone seems to know how to get my money to me. The entire thing is as shady as it gets.

  • SEI*EUROSPORT 800-934-38NC
  • Dec 18, 2013
Is it safe or unsafe?

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