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  • Sinem
  • Apr 2, 2015
Nah, I'm talking about live utepads on available parking right now. Probably impossible to do with the set-up we have, but it'd be cool nonetheless.I have over the years a reached a certain peace with the parking issues on campus, personally. I wish they would do a better job of enforcing parking rules, but I think that's actually improved in the last few years. I think we probably could use another parking deck, and I think between the current parking deck and the old field house would be a good spot, as would the lower lot (what my grad students call rock star parking since it is so sought-after) by Pray-Harrold would be good too. Maybe they can build that in to the costs/plans for redoing Pray-Harrold Hall. So I do think we could use more parking on campus that is actually close to where people want to park, instead of the north lot or wherever.Still, I think cbylone is mostly right: as long as you plan ahead of time to walk about 5-10 minutes, you almost never have a problem. I live within slightly longer walking distance (about 15-20 minutes from my door to Pray-Harrold), and there are no parking restrictions on my street. So, as long as someone planned ahead a bit, there would be no reason why they'd ever have to hunt for parking or even buy a parking pass. The problem comes though for folks who need to park close for a variety of different reasons, and also for parking for night classes and/or weather. Given some of the petty crime on campus and the nastiness of Michigan weather frequently enough, I'm not sure I'd want to park in the north lot if I didn't get out of class until 9:40, let alone on a neighborhood street a mile or so from campus.

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