The charge PLN PRICELINE HOTELS was first reported Aug 3, 2013.
PLN PRICELINE HOTELS charge has been reported as unauthorized by 67 users, 13 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Genia
  • Mar 19, 2018
I was just fraudulently charged $2787.91 by PLN*Priceline Hotels London. Fortunately the bank picked it up and did not pay it. Now I just have to cut up my credit card and get a new one.

  • Arun
  • Feb 23, 2018
Yesterday [22/02/2018] on my ICICI credit card there were two unauthorized transaction made by PLN*PRICELINE HOTELS for USD 227.72 & USD 896.29. I've already blocked my card & filed a complaint with the banker regarding this incident. Please let me know how to avoid such fraudulent transaction moving forward.

  • Suresh
  • Oct 14, 2017
My Indian Credit Card was charged with 2 transactions of $121.14 PLN*PRICELINE HOTELS. Not sure how this happend.

  • Juliana
  • Jun 21, 2017
I wrongly paid usd 158.48 on 16th June 2017 via my credit card number 4641111026551566- from ECO bank Tanzania. Kindly arrange to refund the funds to my account

  • OlgaSergeyeva
  • Jun 16, 2016
PLN*PRICELINE HOTELS LONDON $243.50 This showed up on my credit card statement.This is the first time I knew of it . I definitely have not used this organisation for any transactions.

  • Apr 27, 2016
We have a client that report 2 transactions for the amount of $64.67, on his mastercard, as fraudulent, that have the following description PLN*PRICELINE HOTELS 1-800-774-2354. We want to know the procedure to solve these unauthorized charges. Please contact us at 1-787-898-7979

  • Shelly Sho
PLN*PRICELINE HOTELS 800-774-2354 GBR 145.14 USD
This showed up on my credit card statement. As I have just arrived back from overseas this is the first time I knew of it . I definitely have not used this organisation for any transactions.

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