The charge MEDIAFIRECHARGECOM was first reported Dec 23, 2013.
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  • Ed Carlos
  • Aug 10, 2017
On 29-07-2107 a payment of $ 45 was made. Unauthorized payment. I did not authorize any payment. I am no longer using mediafire services. To renew they should have contacted me. (em 29-07-2107 foi efetuado um pagamento de $45. pagamento este não autorizado. nao autorizei pagamento algum. não estou usando mais os serviços da mediafire. para renovar deveriam ter entrado em contato comigo.)

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  • keith
  • Oct 28, 2014
never bought or authorized my charge card for anything from this company, but was charged USD$18.00. I don't even know who to contact to have this charge removed. My credit card bank isn't sure if it is a revolving account. Any advice?

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  • Mozelle Fleischacker
  • Aug 28, 2014
The charge on your account came from MediaFire.

It is a free file and image hosting website.

If you do not know what the charge is for and wish to cancel it - contact the customer support for help.

Official website:

19241 David Memorial Drive #170
Conroe, TX 77385

Call them at:
(877) 688-0068

Find their Facebook profile here:

Or go to Twitter and find them there:

Their profile can also be found on LinkedIn:

And Google+ as well:

If you will not be satisfied with the results after contacting the customer support – get in touch with your local bank and file a complaint right away!

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