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  • Asheldrick802
  • Oct 3, 2016
Econo Lodge (Manchester, NH) I did not authorize payment of $250 on 10/2/2016. They said it was fees for smoking in a non smoking room (we both are non smokers) and for stealing all their towels (we didn't even have any bags or suitcases with us because our stay at the hotel was unintended. The only "bag" we had in our possession was my pocketbook and that surely doesn't fit towels in it!! And they would've seen us walk out with the towels if we had because there would've been no place for us to put them. They said they took pictures of ashes on the bathroom floor. Ok.. so you found ashes on the bathroom floor. Well when we got into the room that night we found candy and dirty napkins under the side of the bed and under the nightstand. And splattered blood in the bathroom near the toilet and tub that we cleaned up with the towels that we supposedly stole. So maybe it's the housekeepers that work for your hotel that aren't doing their job keeping the rooms clean NOT the customers that stay in the rooms. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. I filed a complaint with the better business Bureau. I also called my credit card companyou. And I'm also filing a police report and getting ahold of my lawyer. This is going to get very messy if they don't want to resolve this peacefully.

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