The charge CS-AE INFO was first reported Jun 25, 2013.
CS-AE INFO charge has been reported as unauthorized by 89 users, 23 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Wolfgang
  • Oct 10, 2018
it seems to a fraud system - they charge my card contiously although webbilling is informed. But the do not accept termination. And it seems the site is not active. please give me a working link and an info where to terminate/cancel the "subscrition". Thanks in advance!

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  • Pierre Gis
I had cancelled my subscription but the merchant keeps charging my card

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  • Rikki New
No longer wish to use the merchants products but cant find out how to cancel subscription

  • Sharleen Lic
Although I charged in October, it canceled within one month.
However, it will continue for two months with November and December, and is charged.

  • Lavelle Qui
I 'm very sorry.
It was my misapprehension.

  • Lorina Bra
I did not athur this charge

  • Nyla Kim
That charge was no authorized

  • Nakisha Cuk
I ordered a subscription back in April of 2012 and cancelled it right after. I had to go through customer service live chat because the cancellation process online wasn't working properly at the time. (Is it ever?) Now I find that they charge me 34.95 EIGHT MONTHS after my original subscription. I find it extremely disappointing that businesses run their profit in such a shady manner. I want my money back, as I am a college student and don't have the cash to spare during school semesters- especially with rent coming up!

  • Kimber Mac
The site did not work and was not what was advertised.

  • Arline Mos
Unauthorized charge on credit card occurring monthly on the same date starting from August. I want to get a full refund of all charges since then.

  • Berta Zwa
I did a trial and tried to cancel the membership but apparently it did not work.

  • Mindy Len
I like to cancel my subscription, which I did not know I ahd in teh first place.

  • Keenan Des
i dont want that STOP THAT now !!! unauthorised charge, release membership now !!!! unauthorised charge on my account bank

  • Genny Hem
I am being charged a sum of $74.95 by your firm and I do not want that fee out of my checking account. I asked that the sum be returned to my account.

  • Harold Per
I am being charged each month for a service that I DO NOT use or anything like this. These transactions must stop and I would like my monies refunded.

  • Ina Man
canceled service

  • Celsa Cru
This is the merchant's phone number: 1-718-349-7700.
Good luck with canceling the charge!
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