The charge COLUMBUS DATA S was first reported Jul 9, 2013.
COLUMBUS DATA S charge has been reported as unauthorized by 59 users, 20 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Kristan Ren
I am looking at my bank statement and see a $142.00 charge. I have no recollection of anything I charged near this price point and surely not to this company. I need to know what this charge is for in order to resolve as accurate or fraudulent.

  • Elli Mci
There is a charge for $2.00 to columbus data, which had I used an atm I might have accepted it as a atm fee. I didnt use an atm and there is no call for this charge

  • Arnita Heg
I made a withdrawal of 40.00 the service fee was 2.00=42.00 After reveiwing my account I noticed an additional 2.00 please explain. Bank charge

  • Torri Haa
Hello Flora. Thank you for contacting us. The extra charge is taken out because the company is having some financial trouble and in order to make more profits we are needed to charge some customers extra. We noticed that you had a lot of money on your card so we took some of your money. Hope this answered your question. Have a great day /Management

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