The charge CCBILL.COM was first reported Jun 30, 2013.
CCBILL.COM charge has been reported as unauthorized by 76 users, 11 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Lauryn Bro
  • Aug 21, 2013
I keep getting billed even though i havent bought anything in over 2 weeks. This has to be a mistake or some kind of hidden fee.

  • Dale Sos
  • Aug 17, 2013
I keep getting billed by the same company even though i havent bought anything. This has to be wrong.

  • Genaro Cos
  • Aug 16, 2013
I cancelled my membership and continue to be charged. Please stop charging me and refund this charge immediately.

  • Luanna Plu
  • Jul 28, 2013
I did not authorize this.

  • Mauro Gol
  • Jul 28, 2013
This is a reoccurring charge and I want it cancelled.

  • Johnny Fre
  • Jul 28, 2013
Did not authorize this charge.

  • Demetrius Bet
  • Jun 20, 2013
juz nie korzystam z waszych uslug,prosze o zwrot pieniedzy !!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessi Cip
  • Jun 20, 2013
I did not authorize this charge and I want a refund and to be taken off of your records immediately.

  • Laine Hac
  • May 14, 2013
this came outta nowhere what the hell is it

  • Carlos Aiu
  • May 14, 2013
unauthorized charges. Flagged as questionable by my credit card company

  • Kerry Ras
  • May 14, 2013
CCBill.com appears to be a sleazy billing service for who knows who. Their charges against my card were bogus. My credit card company flagged the charge immediately and froze my credit card because of them. I had to get a new number assigned. Beware.

  • Elenor Kaz
  • May 14, 2013
Forgot about a reoccurring charge that I wanted to cancel

  • Steffanie Kur
I signed up for a year subscription at a rate of $89.50 at a site. I was charged that on June 27th, then again on June 28th along with two unknown charges of $1.79. My bank is closed right now, but I will head there straight in the morning to dispute these charges. A customer service rep over the phone gave me the runaround, and said that they did not charge me twice even though I'm staring at my checking account's web page that clearly demonstrates two charges.
Not only that, all e-mails sent have been ignored, and my subscription was immediately canceled even though I only requested a refund for the second (and illegal charge).

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Level of Distrust

76 Unauthorized
11 Authorized

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