The charge BED BATH & BEYOND #651 was first reported Sep 4, 2013.
BED BATH & BEYOND #651 charge has been reported as unauthorized by 76 users, 17 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Margy Bourdage
  • Feb 19, 2014
The charge came from a company called Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.

It is a store chain which provides merchandise for homes, which are located in Union, NJ.

Their official website is:

To get in contact with the customer support you can fill their form here:

Or you can call them at:

The company provides an opportunity to contact them on Facebook:

And Twitter:

Try to contact the company using the information given, and if it does not help, contact your bank to file a complaint.

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  • Florida
  • Jul 31, 2018
2 charges from Bed Bath Beyond store #651 for $953.99. Home Depot and Amazon Chase credit card balance transfers though 5/3 Bank. Card has never left the house.

  • Michelle h
  • Jul 6, 2018
Fraudulent charge for $523, 6/8/18 at NJ store 651

  • Madison
  • Apr 18, 2018
I have a pending charge to this Bed Bath & Beyond in NJ for $426.99 (BED BATH & BEYOND #651 TOTOWA).... I don't live in NJ! I am reporting it as fraud to my bank.

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  • Dawn
  • Mar 1, 2018
I went to make my credit card payment and noticed there was a charge from Bed Bath and Beyond on Feb11th 2018 at store #651 NJ for $529.98

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  • Nancy Reed
  • Dec 22, 2017
I had a charge of only $1.00 that was fraud. The bank said it was probably a test to see if it would go thru. So I turned it in as fraud and canceled my card.

  • Shelia Ben
  • Nov 4, 2017
I did not make a purchase from Bed Bath & Beyond in the amount of $31.27 that was charged to my credit card on 10/18/2017. I would like to have this matter resolved as soon as possible. I'm not paying for something I didn't purchase. Thank you Shelia G. F. Ben

  • MA
  • Oct 5, 2017
Just had a $29 unauthorized charge on my CC Store 651. Locked card, reported to CC and will be contacting BB&B.

  • Christopher S. Brannan
  • Jul 8, 2017
got me twice for 423.08$

  • Cynthia M
  • Jun 22, 2017
Fraudulent use of credit card on 6/21/17 in the amount of 54.11 from Bed, Bath and Beyond #651

  • Cassie
  • Jun 21, 2017
Identity thiefs somehow got ahold of my chase amazon credit card information and made two charges to this "Bed Bath & Beyond 651" totaling over $300 before attempting to charge $139.97 at ruralking.com. I think they got my card information from Amazon.

  • rick
  • May 19, 2017
Fraud charges for 50 dollars reported. I live in Texas and the cc company stopped it as soon as they saw a charge from NJ.

  • Dee
  • May 1, 2017
Just received notice from my bank that $329.24 was charged to my credit card. I rarely shop at Bed Bath & Beyond, so I immediately knew this was not my charge. Thankfully, my bank notified me and I put a lock on my card & I will not be charged for the purchase. I have no idea how someone could have gotten a hold of this information. This is scary.

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  • Royboye5
  • Mar 15, 2017
I was charged 65.49 by Bed Bath and Beyond #651 in Jersey. I may drive up there and shake a knot on someone's head. This occurred on 3/13/2017

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  • Amanda Baxter
  • Mar 12, 2017
I just noticed on 12/13/16 I was charged $21.88 for BED BATH & BEYOND #65 615-111-1111 NJ. Please tell me what this means because don't remember perchasing anything. Thank you, Amanda

  • Jennifer
  • Feb 2, 2017
Attempted to charge over $2,000 on my credit card from Bed Bath and Beyond #651 this week. The charge was declined. Good job Capital One.

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  • Nov 17, 2016
A charge from Bed Bath and Beyond showed up on my account today for $249.99 from store #651. I have never been to bed bath and beyond nor have I ever been to NJ, I live in TN.

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  • Bulldog Mom
  • Nov 25, 2016
I also received a fraudulent charge from Bed Bath and Beyond Store #651. It is dated November 22, 2016 and it is for $6.51. Not a large amount but GRAND THEFT anyway. I have never been to any BB&B store and I live in Indianapolis, IN. I ordered from BB&B online, and received a DEFECTIVE piece of merchandise, plus this additional charge from their NJ store! I have attempted to get through on their "customer service" phone number and was told the wait time is 10 MINUTES. This is NOT going to be pretty.

  • Aubrey Adcock
  • Aug 20, 2016
I was hit on my debt card for $546.24 by Bed Bath and Beyond by a New Jersey store. I have never been to New Jersey, I live in Tennessee.

  • Ronda
  • Feb 8, 2016
Was hit three times in January for a total of $1,118.22. My bank tells me that because the pin and CVV# were used they won't correct the charges unless I get proof from BB&B of the shipping address. So I call BB&B and they will email their fraud dept but won't give me the contact info to call them. They also didn't take my info to call me - said they would work directly with my bank. As soon as this is taken care of I'm changing banks! I also understand the people committing this fraud are getting the account info from Amazon Marketplace.

  • AE
  • May 1, 2016
I just noticed a fraudulent charge on my credit card. Bed, Bath and Beyond #651. I called the bank and they put an alert on my credit card account and cancelled it. My credit card was recently linked with my Amazon account but I didn't authorize that either.

  • julka914
  • Feb 3, 2016
Fraudulent charge posted on my credit card account, from BB&B #651, 02/03/16, for the amount of $138.84. Called my CC company and they shut my account down.

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  • LT
  • Dec 9, 2015
Found a pending charge for $1.00 on my account from this store. Recently made online and in store purchases in CA, but there is no reason for a NJ charge to be there and the $1.00 charge lets me know they are phishing. Calling my bank now.

  • jerry
  • Oct 25, 2015
Fraud chare#651 10-24-2015

  • roadtripper
  • Sep 30, 2015
Charged 59.14. BB and B store 651. Calling cc card company tomorrow.

  • Kerry Wells
  • Sep 26, 2015
Posted to my account 9/23/2015, a fraudulent charge for $47.98 to Bed Bath and Beyond #651. I see, after reading all these posts, that this issue has been going on for a while. While speaking to my CC customer service, I told him that I google searched "Bed Bath & Beyond #651" and that a ton of listings came up-- all posts by others who have had crazy amounts of high dollar charges to their CCs. My question is-- how can this be stopped? And why is it allowed to continue?

  • blackkm0
  • May 23, 2015
01/25 - BED BATH & BEYOND #651 615-111-1111 $108.61 02/22 - BED BATH & BEYOND #651 615-111-1111 $119.89 03/12 - BED BATH & BEYOND #651 615-111-1111 $93.93

  • dan the man
  • Apr 2, 2015
the saga continues...my CC was charged for >$450 to BB&B #651 - cancelled CC, called BB&B to report the fraud as well. What kills me is the CC company will let the charge go through, since its still a pending charge - HELLO - this was FRAUD!! Don't allow it now that you have been told its fraud. The trail should still be somewhat warm too - the transaction was done less than 12 hours ago - on-line or not, there shouldn't be too many logs to have to dig through to find this transaction and where it came from (as opposed to the charge having been done a week ago). To me, neither the banks or the merchants are interested in preventing fraud - the merchants get a sale, the banks eat the charge, and we the consumer pay the price with higher interest rates on CCs and higher prices in the stores to cover their losses.

  • Justin Case
  • Jan 30, 2015
For the record, it's still going on. I just came across a charge today, 1/30/2015, while scanning my account online; $400.51 to Bed Bath & Beyond #651. It's pending, but will be reversed once it posts.

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  • Bob
  • Dec 19, 2014
BED BATH & BEYOND #651 615-111-1111 NJ 01174 Hit again.. 12/11/14 was pending.. It did not show up and canceled my cards and called Bed Bath & Beyond they said someone would call me and fraud department would handle it.. Now on the 19th it shows up as charged on the 15th when I canceled my cards on the 11th.. Yes I did use this card on amazon to buy my kid a toy... One toy came from Toywiz in NY....( Amazon 3rd party because Amazon was out of stock )

  • MC Price
  • Dec 10, 2014
Just checked my credit card and found a charge from bed bath and beyond at store 651. Nope not mine. So I will be disputing the charges and hopefully get a new card number.

  • Lukas
  • Sep 29, 2014
I dont even live in US, and they charge me for about 354$. This is a lot of money in my country. Fix the problem please!

  • Aug 27, 2014
Just today 8.26.14 was charged $744.44 on my card. i don't live in nj. I check my balance online and was lucky I caught it as my cc did not send me a fraud alert. told the cc company about this site. they seemed unconcerned. good luck.

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  • Aug 16, 2014
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  • Margy Bourdage
  • Feb 19, 2014
The charge came from a company called Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.

It is a store chain which provides merchandise for homes, which are located in Union, NJ.

Their official website is:

To get in contact with the customer support you can fill their form here:

Or you can call them at:

The company provides an opportunity to contact them on Facebook:

And Twitter:

Try to contact the company using the information given, and if it does not help, contact your bank to file a complaint.

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  • Phillipp
  • Jan 25, 2014
On Dec. 18, 2013 my credit card was charged $402. 79. I live in Florida and have never been to New Jersey. I called my credit card company right away, and they removed the charge and discontinued that account, then sent me a new card. I am now in the process of filing affidavits due to the breach. Bed, Bath and Beyond should find out what is going on at #651 store and take care of this problem or close the store down!

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  • Wayne52
  • Nov 27, 2013
I was hit 4 times on 10/26 at this store. Bed bath and beyond have a real problem at store 651 and they will here from me today. Guess I am in good, yet unhappy company in my anger for having to experience and deal with this.

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  • Maudie Eff
  • Aug 20, 2013
got hit with a $371.28 charge from Bed Bath and Beyond from Totowa, NJ. Based on the comments Ive read, this appears to be some sort of warehouse distribution facility. Never stepped foot in NJ in my life, I am 2,000 miles away. Based on the wide array of posters on here living in various locations keys me in to believing this fraudulent activity is the result of some sort of online merchant that is widely used...amazon, perhaps?

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  • Eleanora Asn
  • Aug 17, 2013
Same thing happened to me! Cap One emails me everytime a charge is made. I check my email this morning and have a charge made to BBB #651 at 2:16AM for $119.83. Called the bank and since it's still a pending charge that can't do anything til it hits. Googled the store, found this site, and did what others suggested and called customer service. They were no help at all. They couldn't look up the order by CC number to cancel it (wouldn't even attempt to) and kept telling me to call my bank. It just seemed like they wanted to get rid of me. I told them about the various fraud complaints and ended up hanging up on them. I cannot believe they allow this! I shop there occassionally but never again after this.

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  • Jesse Lin
  • Aug 13, 2013
Thought this was fraud - I certainly didn't get anything from BB&B for myself. But when I checked my e-mails, had a confirmation receipt. Turns out, it was a wedding gift I had ordered for some friends. Did it through their wedding registry so it didn't "register" in my mind as being from BB&B.

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  • Carolann Cov
  • Aug 13, 2013
I had 2 fradulent charges from this bed bath and beyond store number. I also had charges to apples itunes and a diet health magazine. My husband's card was also compromised yesterday with a purcahse to an irish based airline. After doing some digging, we came to the conclusion that having our credit cards stored on my amazon account was the problem. We removed our card info and won't store anything online again, even though amazon has had our card information for years.
Also, major thanks to Capital One for catching the charges immediately and making sure I wouldn't have to pay any money.

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  • Tamekia Fla
  • Aug 7, 2013
THIS IS FRAUD AND THEY ARE DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT! I got hit for the $665 amount 08/07/2013! I called to tell them about this and also tell them there is chatter all over the internet about this store and their ATM, but they don't seem to care.

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  • Frank Alf
  • Aug 4, 2013
Transaction appeared on 8/4/13 as Bed Bath and Beyond #651 for amount $795. Bank is closed today so immediately contacted BBB customer service number 1-800-462-3966. Rep advised that this was an attempt at an online order, but no order was found. Stated if the correct billing information was not provided (address, phone, etc.) order would not have been completed. He immediately forwarded my information to the credit department for further action to remove the pending charge from my account. Within minutes of our call, I was contacted by BBB credit investigation dept. The rep advised that the credit amount was authorized, but since correct billing information was not provided, the order was cancelled. It seems that this company is doing what it can to prevent these transactions from going through, just wish they had a way to prevent them in the first place. I will still contact my bank Monday morning to cancel this card number and get a new one.

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  • Domenica Six
  • Aug 1, 2013
You have to have your credit card company do an investigation( for what good it will do( and then you will recieve documents to sign, at that point you should get the name and address of the person the goods were shipped to.

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  • Carie Vit
  • Aug 1, 2013
Yea it just keeps going, my wells Fargo card was hit for $ 117.88 from this store and nobody can give me any explanation, was an item shipped to a woman I don't know and from an email I never had. Wells Fargo is gutless, they didn't do SH@T to help me,they just let it go......

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  • Sherika Gel
  • Jul 30, 2013
Bed bath and beyond should be fined for letting this go on for so long. Seems an easy fix would be to get security code. My credit card company called me suspecting the charge if $77 was fraudulent. I shop there occasionally so this shouldn't have seemed fraudulent. Store 651 must be flagged by American Express.

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  • Michal Hat
  • Jul 30, 2013
Has anyone had any luck getting the address of where the fraudulent order is going to?

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  • Sadie Seu
  • Jul 28, 2013
My bogus visa charges(yes..3)showed #651 in NJ and I have NEVER shopped at BB&B. NEVER been in any of their stores or their websites. I don't know how they got my card number. I canceled my card and called the 1-800-462-3966 and talked directly to Loss Prevention. I had to wait 10 days for my card company to refund my money because BBB didn't send any type of authorization release to my card company. Make sure you get them to do this!!!! I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I also received some coupons in the mail two days later from BB&B addressed to me. How did they get my address? Like I said...I have NEVER done any type of business with them!!! CRAZY!!

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  • Delmer Vol
  • Jul 16, 2013
651 is their warehouse 1-800-462-3966. All the fraudulence is from the companies' on-line stores most likely. I just got this number for my case as well.

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  • Troy Ake
  • Jul 11, 2013
Got tagged for $50.97 on a stolen debit card. These people need to do a better job of validating cards.

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  • Christopher The
  • Jul 1, 2013
Store #651 is what every online transaction to bedbathandbeyond.com is labeled. I was charged a $400 charge this morning. After canceling my card and reporting a claim with the bank, I called 1800462-3966 (1800-GOBEYOND). Selected option 4, customer service and then option 5 - all other issues. Spoke with the first woman who said she needed the card number to look up information. Had to call my husband, which was the card effected and called back to find out that they could first try to look up the transaction by the name on the card. IF they cannot find your "order" that way, then they will need the full 16 digit number of the credit/debit card used. Ours was found by first and last name and since it was still pending, BBB was able to cancel that transaction so that the funds are not pulled out and having to be returned by the bank. If you are able to catch this before your transaction goes from pending to a finalized transaction, then BBB may be able to stop that payment. While you are not immediately refunded, at least you do not have to wait the full turn around time to go through a claim. Good question, if you are having this issue and do get ahold of their customer service - is to ask if there is a different billing and shipping address for the "order".

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  • Margene Cor
  • Jun 30, 2013
I received 2 emails.. one yesterday, one this morning at 4am saying my transactions didn't go through. He's to google the store number and came across this site. The transactions were for $52 and $352. Calling my card company to see what's up.

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  • Melina Sod
  • Jun 23, 2013
Hello. These are not from a store. NJ #651 is there HQ for on line purchases. However USAA said the majority of these charges come from having your CC with Amazon Market Place orders.

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