activelife-supplements +18009695361 GE

The charge activelife-supplements +18009695361 GE was first reported Dec 15, 2016.
activelife-supplements +18009695361 GE charge has been reported as unauthorized by 51 users, 16 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • Don
  • Mar 18, 2017
I did NOT order this product and am canceling this and ALL future charges to my credit card. I do NOT want this. Don Lynch

  • conniej@mcsnet.ca
  • Feb 6, 2017
This company has advertised a weight loss pill; Named::: Pure Natural FORSKOLIN-LIM--- WAS ADVERTISED AS A WEIGHT LOSS SUPPLEMENT, addvertisment which my wife responded to the add:: and they started shipping 1 bottle containing 30 pills every month. After a couple of months of regular use she did not see any weight loss so she quit taking them but they kept sending one more bottle every month. She now has 6 bottles sitting here that have never been opened., She wanted to cancel but there has never been a company name on the package, so she could get in touch with the company to stop sending them. the Cost is 69.85 US funds which converts to $93.32 every month. In any case I believe they are not a reliable company. However, there is some very small print on the bottle stating: Man. exclusively for ::Platinum Herbal Wellness LLC with a toll free # listed1-888-422-9040 which I will be calling them to cancel any further orders, as well I will be contacting my credit card company in the morning to stop payment for any further bills from this so called Company. Plus now that I discovered in the very small print there is a toll free # on the bottle. I guess that is just a sign of old age as she is 78 and I am 79 Fred Bamber

  • drderemiah
  • Dec 15, 2016
Merchandise - misc food storage specialty TY.conveneie REF# RXT*KG10 Merchant Country Georgia I have placed a stop pmt on this chrge. It was advertised as a free sample. It is too bad because we had decided to purchase a large quantity for ourselves and church. The quality was good but it turned out to be a scam.

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