The charge 2BUYSAFE.COM was first reported Dec 17, 2013.
2BUYSAFE.COM charge has been reported as unauthorized by 94 users, 10 users recognized the charge as safe.

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  • andrea
  • Feb 26, 2016
i have charges on my account and do not know what for and i am getting no response email back from the supposed seller

  • Bill
  • Apr 12, 2014
I saw a charge on my AMEX card and thought it was a fraud. Checked into it and found it was a legitimate internet charge for goods I wanted through a completely different organization, but the date and amount finally matched up, so it was real and authorized.

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  • Lawanna Cridland
  • Mar 18, 2014
The charge which you have received on your credit card account most probably came from a service called 2Buysafe.com.

If you have never heard of this organization and you wish to cancel the charge and get your money back, check out their website here:

Main headquarters are:
Le Havre 775627 
SV Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Try to contact the customer support. Dial:
Phone +1 877 292 6378 (toll free)
Fax/Voice mail +1 212 656 1571
The Netherlands:
Phone +31 40 292 6378
Fax/Voice mail +31 40 292 6377

If this information will not be of help, contact your bank and file a complaint in order to speed things up.

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  • jon
  • May 30, 2015
the problem with 2buysafe.com is that they offer credit card services to criminal organizations. For example, I purchased hosting online from a company (M2host.com) that turns out doesn't even exist !! I told 2buysafe.com that after payment I didn't receive any service and that the invoice address and contact details for M2Host were all made up. 2buysafe.com staff didn't care in the least !!! There is no mistake - 2buysafe.com supports fraudulent criminal organizations.

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  • discopeti
  • Jan 7, 2014
wie kann ich credite zum kaufen?

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